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C12schleyer's 7 Round Mock


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Trade down with Denver (28) and receive their 2013 3rd round pick (90). I believe they select Trufant or Rhodes, whichever of the two is still available. The other possibility for Denver is Damontre Moore.

Another trade! Cincy trades away Denver’s #28 pick to Buffalo for their 2nd (41), 3rd (71) and 6th (177). Despite picking up Kevin Kolb, Buffalo makes a splash and jumps back into the first round to select Ryan Nassib.

In this scenario the Bengals would pick as follows:

Round 2: 37, 41, 53

Round 3: 71, 86, 90

Round 4: 111

Round 5: 151

Round 6: 177, 197, 204

Round 7: 240, 251

With the 37th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select….

2(a)- Jonathan Cyprien - SS - Florida International

I believe that with the rush on QB’s late in the first round due to the new CBA (fifth round rookie contract option) will leave this safety prospect on the board. Small school prospect with prototypical size (6’10” 207lbs) with the ability to cover and play strong run support.

2(B)/>- Alec Ogletree - LB – Georgia

Ogletree has all the talent in the world to contribute right away to an already strong defense. The only reason he is still available at this point is because of the three arrests over the last three years. Marvin and Zimmer have a knack for correcting “behavioral issues”. Look for Ogletree to start at WILL, with Burfict being moved over to MIKE.

2©- Kyle Long - T – Oregon

With the ongoing negotiations with Andre Smith, it would be smart for the Bengals to look for a plan B in the draft. Long comes from a very strong football pedigree, and has the ability to play a strong right tackle, and would be the perfect player to groom as Whit’s replacement when he decides to call it quits.

3(a)- Khaseem Greene - LB – Rutgers

I believe the FO will double up on the LB position early in this draft if either Jamie Collins or Greene is available here. With Collins coming off the board, likely in the late 2nd, Greene is the pick. Adding Greene to a LB core with Burfict and Ogletree would give the Bengals one of the best young groups in the league… if not the best.

3(B)/>- Barrett Jones – G/C/T – Alabama

All purpose O-Lineman that has seen his draft stock drop from late first round/early second to the 3-4th round range. Can play any position on the line and is probably the smartest lineman in the draft. Definitely an upgrade over Boling and/or Cook.

3©- Marcus Lattimore – RB- South Carolina

Now I know everyone probably thinks I am crazy, projecting the Bengals to wait this long on a RB… however, I believe that there is a good chance Felix Jones lands here in Cincy and will provide a stop gap at RB until Lattimore is 100%. Most people feel we should draft a COP back early in the draft. I think that it is smarter in the long term to grab a work horse that can do it all. And in the third round, we get arguably the most gifted back in the draft as a steal.

4- Larry Warford – G – Kentucky

The interior of the offensive line was suspect to say the least. Most of the QB pressures late in the season came right up the middle or over left guard. I think part of this was due to lack of cohesion on the line when Cook came back, but I also think that it had more to do with the fact that we are starting back-up caliber players at LG and C. After the Senior Bowl, Warford was projected in the second round, but after a shaky combine his stock has dropped. This is a steal. Plain and simple. Warford handled Floyd, Richardson and Jenkins (all first round talents) during his time at UK. Imagine this…

LT- Whit

LG- Warford

C- Jones

RG- Zeitler

RT- Smith/Long

5- Josh Boyce – WR – TCU

Prototypical #2 receiver… and to add to it, he has history with Dalton. At 6’0” 203lbs he reminds me of a more athletic Brandon Lloyd (not to mention younger). I waited until the 5th for a WR because I am a firm believer that Mo Sanu is the answer at #2, and I think the coaches feel the same way. This pick adds depth and familiarity to the WR corps for Dalton.

6(a)- Kerwynn Williams - RB/KR - Utah State

Goodbye Brandon Tate…

6(B)/>- Reid Fragel – OT - Ohio State

Much needed depth on the O-line… we can get rid of Roland. Fragel played some TE in college, so is very athletic.

6©- Quanterus Smith – DE – Western Kentucky

Just watch the WKU-Alabama game and you will understand why this kid would be a steal.

7(a)- Sanders Commings – DB – Georgia

7(B)/>- Dustin Hopkins – K – Florida State

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I can't say as I would mind some of those players.

I believe Cyprien will now be gone before we pick in the 2nd.

Ogletree, issues or not, will still go in the first.

I also don't see Khaseem Greene lasting into the 3rd, but wouldn't complain.

I love Barrett Jones for sure and if he were to last, I wouldn't complain there either.

Honestly though predicting trades is a challenge, although I could see a trade down in the first being a real possibility.

Welcome to the Zone C12 !!!

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Thanks for the welcome. I think that each of the players I listed fall. Cyprien falls due to teams needing qbs and the new CBA rules. Either ogletree or Arthur brown will fall, either one is interchangable. And I think Greene falls because teams are salivating over Jamie Collins athleticism.

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Yeah, players do indeed fall and trying to figure out which ones becomes maddening at best.

There has been a lot of talk lately about Cyprien being ranked ahead of Vaccaro as the best safety.

I guess that depends on how you look at it. Vaccaro is a FS and Cyprien is a SS.

I still like Elam or Rambo myself. Rambo is a ballhawk and I can't say as I would mind that in our secondary.

ALWAYS nice to have someone around willing to give thoughts about the draft or anything else for that matter.

Hope you stick around.

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Thanks for the welcome. I think that each of the players I listed fall. Cyprien falls due to teams needing qbs and the new CBA rules. Either ogletree or Arthur brown will fall, either one is interchangable. And I think Greene falls because teams are salivating over Jamie Collins athleticism.

Ogletree and Brown are NOT interchangeable. Not remotely.

Brown is not quite as athletic as Ogletree, but is smarter and FAR more mature

Ogletree is a huge character risk, and if you want to name a player he is interchangeable with, take a look at Odell "Ordeal" Thurman.

Cyprien is too slow for our defense

Long is too inexperienced to be drafted that high

Barrett Jones will almost certainly not be around late in the third

Drafting Lattimore waaaay to high. He will almost certainly not contribute in 2013. Round 3 players need to have a chance to be immediate contributors.

Can't wait til round 6 to draft a RB who can contribute in 2013.

Don't like all the extra picks you picked up - the team is at the point of development where we need fewer picks but of better quality, not more lower round picks.

Liked that you did draft a kicker - thats one position (punters too) where you h get a toave a good chance of getting a top shelf player late in the draft

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By interchangeable I meant depending on availability. One will be available. I personally like brown more

Cyprien has plenty of speed to cover tight ends and takes good angles in the open field

Lattimore may not do anything this year, but is ahead of schedule in recovery and is a beast on the field

If jones isn't there I take schwenke. Not versatile but a smart, fast center

And the reason I waited to take another rb was because I am thinking cincy signs Felix jones

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Alec Ogletree just egged my house.

and if you dont let him have a drunken "me and the chicks skateboard down your roof into a inflateable baby pool filled with GEORGIA peach schnapps" party at your house, he (and his life coach Odell) will egg you again

been there, done that

The more I think about it, the more you make me realize ogletree is a bad idea. Go with brown instead or wait until mid-late second and take Collins

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So, in going back and looking at the MLB's in this draft, i'm even less impressed than I was the day before.

I didn't think that was possible. Good God...

except you're not counting Brown as a MLB.....

Nope but like I said, if Zimmer were to want him for that reason then I would be more than ok with it.

I really don't have an issue with him at all and would love it if they were to grab him up.

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I like Brown and Green, another name to watch is Sio Moore out of UConn. If this FO drafts Ogletree I may be the one egging houses. No way Brown, Lewis et al draft Odell Jr. people talk about the Bengals desire to draft low-character guys but that is nothing but lazy journalism in the past 4 years they have drafted high character guys at least in the first 4-5 rounds.

I think Green and Jones go ahead of our 3rd. round selection. I think if we want a good OLB or MLB we better take them by the end of the second round. I don't think there is going to be alot of trading picks this year the depth of this draft and the lack of a surefire Pro-Bowl level talent ensures that you will likely get the same guy in the 2nd as you would in the late first.

I like Warford but I also think he will go by the end of the 2nd. I wouldn't be at all mad about taking Fluker in Rd. 1, Warford with 2a, and Barrett Jones with 2b and forget about the OLine for the next 5 years. Then take the money allocated to Andre and sign Rhodes or Woodson and sign Dansby and call this offseason a success.

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