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We're definitely taking McFadden!!!


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As reported on PFT...thought this was funny given all the McFadden debate.


Looks like all the prerequisites for his becoming a first-day Bengals pick are now met. Running back? Check. Handcuffed at a nightclub? Check.

Now if he wants to get drafted by the Titans, he needs to make it rain next time. Or stomp on somebody's face.

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A push-and-shove situation outside a piano bar? Sounds like a tough customer. We'd best stear clear.

If we paired him up with our wide receivers, one who's been know to throw hissy fits at parking attendants, the other who was not voted the easiest wide receiver to intimidate in a poll of NFL players by Sports Illustrated (he was only second easiest), we'd be sitting on a gol'danged powder keg.

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