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The Bengals and the U.S. Postal Service

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For a small fee you can now use your own digital pictures to make postage stamps.

No kidding. When I saw the advertisement I immediately thought about dressing up like fat Elvis, and placing my jumpsuited image on all of my Christmas cards....just to see if anyone would notice. Then I quickly remembered that I don't bother sending Christmas cards.

As a result, I now offer the above idea free of charge to all of the citizens of the internet*.

*A series of tubes.

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Word is, the glue on the back of the Bengals stamp is flavored.

This is so our stamp is as easy to lick as the team is

And that's to say nothing of the fantastic mail-in job the team pulled on the 2007 season.

Hey, neither rain nor snow nor dark of night will prevent the Bengals from losing their appointed games!

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