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Dillon Retires

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Didn't see this posted anywhere yet. 10 year career comes to an end for Dillon. No public announcement, but he confirms he's done.

Career Has Run It's Course

10 years? Quite a career for a running back. You gotta respect the numbers if not the guy, at least that's where I stand.

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Unfortunately he was one of the few reasons that you might see a Bengal highlight on Sportscenter during the late 90's and early 2000's. I was lucky enough to be at the game in '97 when he set the rookie rushing record. What a great game and the Denver record breaker was spectacular as well.


However his attitude and contract disputes got old. Yeah it was a bad team but deal with it. Be the difference not the reason. That became so plain after watching the HOF induction and listening to some really class guys talk about team and coaches and minimize the "I".

I was happy to see Rudi emerge from Dillon's shadow in 2003 and I shed no tears when he was traded to NE. He got his ring so that probably puts him in the HOF but I am sure he will go in as a Patriot.

Good riddance and enjoy your retirement.


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Good riddance Leon. For as much as the dude did for our franchise, he undid a lot of the good vibes the fans had when he tossed his equipment in the stands.

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Actually his "bust" in the HOF - if he gets in - will list him as a Bengal, from what I hear, but typically the HOF doesn't have guys go in as a team member per se.

He seemed to hate both teams he played for ultimately (always disgruntled about something) so no idea if he'll care about what Cincy did for him.

Hell he called Willie "a bum" for God's sakes...one of the guys who was a big part of his success for all those years.

I didn't miss him either - his skills eroded quite a bit by the time he left - was more of a part-time back.

Single game records never impress me that much any ways - and believe Rudi already beat his Bengals' season rushing record in '04 or '05, and will probably eclipse his Bengals' franchise record in a few years if he keeps it up. Just thinking off the top of my head here though.

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