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Kingwilly misses the mark...public notice


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We did not take a first day TE (but we did get a project CB, a 5th round OT and a 7th DE)...I lose bet with TNBT

We did not get Lavarr...I lose bet with Joisey.

OK boys..let me know the player and size....They do have a new Sam Adams jersey in the Benglas online pro shop..

You have till the end of pre-season to decide....they should have all the popular players by then...

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Much respect for owning up, much respect !!!


He's most definitely a man of his word, and not afraid to admit when he's wrong!! So...how the hell did this freak end up here with us anyway!?!

j/k Kingwilly. We are fortunate to have many folks here who like you also demonstrate those fine character traits. (Just don't bother looking for them on the weeks we play the Steelers, and their fans are visiting our boards. The needle swings hard the other way then! <_< )

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------dont bet real money, bet zone dollars next time.

How the hell would you know that Spain, you never manned up and bet anything. At least KW is an honorable guy who pays up when he's wrong. You on the other hand just sit there reefing, typing, and not putting your $ were your mouth is, per the norm.

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