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Who's missing from Vic's mock?

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See if you can find a significant draft prospect that is nowhere to be found in the first round of NFL.com's senior editor Vic Carucci's mock draft.

Carucci's Mock Draft

Maybe I've missed some major news in the last two days that would drop this player out of the first round...or maybe Vic is having a bad day. Quite an oversight, if you ask me.

I've read and heard about two players failing drug tests that were thought to be first rounders, but I never heard the names. Maybe there's a correlation here.


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Bah! he has the Bengals taking DeMarco Ryans he must have just been drunk when he was doing his draft and forgot Bunkley. Let me tell you, if the Bengals take Ryans and pass on Bunkley we need to take the whole organization and flush it down the Ohio River, because they have lost the ability to evaluate talent.

That being said Bunk will go top 15 and Ryans (being the slowest OLB in the draft with a first day grade) won't sniff the Bengals draft board.

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IIRC Vic did his ranking of the top 5 DTs a few weeks back and didn't even list Bunkley. That was remarked on on this board, I believe. Clearly, Bunk didn't get the "don't forget to blow Vic at nfl.com" memo! :lol:

Wasn't Vic also the nitwit who predicted the Clowns would finish with a better record than the Bengals last year? :lol: :lol: Seriously, tho, someone mentioned after that -- it may have been Florio over at PFT, I'm not positive -- that Viccy boy did some sort of work (consulting, scouting, something like that) for the Browns last offseason, and thus his pimping of the team was suspect at best. Either he was biased because he was close to the squad -- or he was biased because he was on the payroll, at least for a while.

Now...I believe that the rumor mill has pretty firmly established that:

1. The Browns covet Bunkley and are targeting him, and;

2. Bunkley may not even make it to thm and may go off the board in the top 10 before Ngata.

So...doesn't it seem convenient that a media guy with connections to the Browns is crapping all over Bunkley like this just before the draft?

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Following up on the above, a post from our f2fa.com Browns partner site, Dawgbones (by the site admin, no less!) relaying the profootballtalk.com comments I referenced before:

We'd heard way back in July 2004 that the Browns hired Vic Carucci of NFL.com to run its in-house Internet rag. But since Carucci never exited his post at NFL.com, we assumed that the move never came to fruition.


Today, Carucci is still writing for NFL.com, where he serves as the "National Editor." But Carucci also is working for the Browns, as the "Vice President of New Media and Publishing."

Though Carucci isn't writing for the Browns' official site, there's still something very odd at best, flat-out unethical at worst, about a guy working both for the NFL as a supposedly objective and even-handed analyst, and then moonlighting as a paid employee for one of its teams.

At a bare minimum, Carucci's work at NFL.com should carry a disclaimer that he is a member of "Senior Management" with the Browns. Really, how can anything Carucci writes about the Browns or any of its AFC North rivals be taken seriously when each column he writes fails to mention that he's receiving payroll checks on a regular basis signed by Randy Lerner? -ProFootballTalk.com


Vic Carucci is full of brown stuff.

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I saw this when we brought it up last time and still believe Vic is the craziest bastard ever to think Bunk isn't a top 5 (if not the best) DT in the draft... On that note, I would fall the F*CK over if he was there at #24... Then if we took Ryans instead of Bunk, I'd roll back over and go on a killing spree !!! (Don't worry, I'll start in Pittsburgh)



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