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Pat Kirwan's Mock Draft/Nick Mangold

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(April 15, 2006) -- This is my first of three mock drafts that I will create for NFL.com leading up to the draft at the end of the month. I will assume that there will be no pre-draft trades that could change the decision making along the way. I will combine the activity in free agency, the needs of the teams, and the grades of the players as draft boards start to take shape.

1. Houston: Reggie Bush, RB, USC

Bush is a once-in-a-decade player and a matchup nightmare. He had 38 touchdowns in three years at USC.

2. New Orleans: D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia

He could move down but a 10-year starter is too hard to resist. The Saints traded Wayne Gandy, a starter at tackle last season, to Atlanta.

3. Tennessee: Matt Leinart, QB, USC

Leinart threw for more touchdown passes in college than Vince Young and Jay Cutler combined. He also knows the Titans' offense, having played under coordinator Norm Chow at USC.

4. N.Y. Jets: Mario Williams, DE, N.C. State

Williams can replace John Abraham, who was traded this offseason. He reminds new coach Eric Mangini of the Patriots' Richard Seymour and can play in either the 3-4 or 4-3.

5. Green Bay: Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon

Having Ngata in the middle makes Green Bay defensive ends Aaron Kampman and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila better. Ngata stops the run and has a rare combination of size and speed.

6. San Francisco: Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland

A young quarterback like Alex Smith always needs a tight end to be effective and Davis can provide major matchup problems.

7. Oakland: Vince Young, QB, Texas

Aaron Brooks signed a two-year deal with the Raiders, but owner Al Davis likes Young's upside. Randy Moss could make a perfect partner.

8. Buffalo: Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Florida State

The best under tackle for the new 'Dungy' defense, Bunkley has a talent that is hard to find.

9. Detroit: Michael Huff, DB, Texas

The safest pick in the draft, Huff can play either cornerback or safety. He is a leader and a Matt Millen-type player.

10. Arizona: Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt

Kurt Warner is old and brittle and Cutler is Brett Favre-like. He's still two years away, though.

11. St. Louis: A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State

Hawk should have been gone by now but will become a cornerstone for Jim Haslett's defense.

12. Cleveland: Kamerion Wimbley, DE, Florida State

Wimbley is the perfect fit for the 3-4 defense and reminds general manager Phil Savage of Peter Boulware, who Savage helped draft in Baltimore.

13. Baltimore: Winston Justice, OT, USC

The Ravens can use Justice at right tackle until Jonathan Ogden retires.

14. Philadelphia: Chad Jackson, WR, Florida

The Eagles failed to land Eric Moulds and released Terrell Owens, so they could use Jackson right away.

15. Denver: Santonio Holmes, WR, Ohio State

The Broncos can trade Ashley Lelie right after this pick.

16. Miami: Ernie Sims, OLB, Florida State

Sims is a tackling machine and replaces Junior Seau on the Dolphins defense.

17. Minnesota: Chad Greenway, OLB, Iowa

Greenway has a high character, the type of player that new coach Brad Childress wants on the team.

18. Dallas: Manny Lawson, LB, N.C. State

Lawson is the perfect complement to DeMarcus Ware.

19. San Diego: Jimmy Williams, DB, Virginia Tech

Williams can be a corner or safety and the Chargers need to replace Sammy Davis in the secondary.

20. Kansas City: Antonio Cromartie, CB, Florida State

Cromartie is a tremendous athlete and has had excellent workouts. The Chiefs really need to focus on defense in the draft.

21. New England: DeMeco Ryans, OLB, Alabama

The Patriots replace Willie McGinest with Ryans, a highly productive linebacker.

22. Denver: DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis

The Broncos got the wide receiver earlier in the draft and the running back completes their first round.

23. Tampa Bay: Mathias Kiwanuka, DE, Boston College

Kiwanuka can learn for a year behing Simeon Rice. He had 34 sacks in college.

24. Cincinnati: Nick Mangold, C, Ohio State

Bengals center Rich Braham is 36 years old and in the last year of his contract.

25. N.Y. Giants: Bobby Carpenter, OLB, Ohio State

The son of former Giants running back Rob Carpenter, he is a versatile linebacker than can fill two needs.

26. Chicago: Tye Hill, CB, Clemson

This pick could change if the Bears acquire a cornerback in free agency.

27. Carolina: Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota

With Stephen Davis gone, the Panthers need a back to complement DeShaun Foster.

28. Jacksonville: Tamba Hali, DE, Penn State

A slow time in the 40-yard dash drops Hali, but he could be used replace Paul Spicer.

29. N.Y. Jets: Eric Winston, OT, Miami

The Jets missed out on Ferguson earlier and left tackle is a top need.

30. Indianapolis: Thomas Howard, OLB, Texas-El Paso

USC running back LenDale White is there but the Colts also lost linebacker David Thornton.

31. Seattle: Davin Joseph, G, Oklahoma: Joseph is an immediate replacement for Steve Hutchinson.

32. Pittsburgh: Rodrique Wright, DT, Texas: White looks tempting, but Wright answers a bigger need.

Second Round

The second round looks as good as half of the first round and teams can really satisfy some of their pressing needs with players capable of making an early impact. Of course, some of the players selected in the first round could easily fall to the second round and a few of the following players could be taken in the first round.

33. Houston: Marcus McNeil, OT, Auburn

34. New Orleans: Johnathan Joseph, CB, South Carolina

35. N.Y. Jets: Andrew Whitworth, OT, Louisiana State

36. Green Bay: Roger McIntosh, OLB, Miami

37. San Francisco: Jason Allen, DB, Tennessee

38. Oakland: Claude Wroten, DT, Louisiana State

39. Tennessee: Abdul Hodge, ILB, Iowa

40. Detroit: Kelly Jennings, CB, Miami

41. Arizona: Darnell Bing, S, USC

42. Buffalo: Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio State

43. Cleveland: Gabe Watson, DT, Michigan

44. Baltimore: Ko Simpson, S, South Carolina

45. Philadelphia: LenDale White, RB, USC

46. St. Louis: Marcedes Lewis, TE, UCLA

47. Atlanta: Deuce Lutui, G, USC

48. Minnesota: Anthony Fasano, TE, Notre Dame

49. Dallas: Pat Watkins, FS, Florida State

50. San Diego: Sinorice Moss, WR, Miami

51. Minnesota: Brodie Croyle, QB, Alabama

52. New England: Brian Calhoun, RB, Wisconsin

53. Washington: Ray Edwards, DE, Purdue

54. Kansas City: Donte Whitner, SS, Ohio State

55. Cincinnati: Leonard Pope, TE, Georgia

56. N.Y. Giants: Jon Scott, OT, Texas

57. Chicago: Joe Klopfenstein, TE, Colorado

58. Carolina: Max Jean-Gilles, G, Georgia

59. Tampa Bay: Daniel Bullocks, S, Nebraska

60. Jacksonville: Joseph Addai, RB, Louisiana State

61. Denver: Dominique Byrd, TE, USC

62. Indianapolis: Jerious Norwood, RB, Mississippi State

63. Seattle: Jon Alston, OLB, Stanford

64. Pittsburgh: Maurice Stoval, WR, Notre Dame

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My offer stands to anyone willing to make a wager on this happening...


I already bet one of my best friends that if the Bengals take Mangold, I won't be a Bengals fan anymore and he can pick my new favorite team.

This mock, at the ery least, proves Pat Kirwan's retardation.

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As soon as I realized this was a 2 round mock I became very interested in where Kirwan projected Leonard Pope to fall as Kirwan has been one of Pope's most vocal critics. Naturally, he projects him to be drafted by the Bengals at #55. <_<

I've said it before and I'll repeat it now. I hope the Bengals pass on Pope if he's there at #55.

I'm not very fond of the idea of the Bengals using it's two highest draft picks on offense, either.

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The author of this mock has completely neglected to account for Ghiaciuc and Wilkerson. Very stupid of him, considering Ghiaciuc's quality start against the Jags, and the fact that they have both absorbed the playbook by now

well that and wilkerson was tied for best center in the draft last year

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This guy must be insane this is his first round pick for the bengals.

24. Cincinnati: Nick Mangold, C, Ohio State

Bengals center Rich Braham is 36 years old and in the last year of his contract.

hello !!!!! we have guycheck and ben wilkerson why on gods green earth would we draft a center !!!

this is one dumb pick imo no reason for marvin to do this at all

but i guess the guy does work for nfl.com :P

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Your people really think Wilkerson or Guycheck are the answer to the center position... whatever

the Bengals havent had success on the Oline with second day draftees....

Perhaps you aren't aware of of few things - it certainly seems you aren't

Scroll down to the 7th round of http://www.nfl.com/draft/history/years/2003 to find the name of our top reserve, Scott Kooistra, who is capable enought at the RT position that when he stepped in when All Pro Willie Anderson was injured, our offense did not miss a beat

Perhaps you've heard of the heir apparent at LT, Stacey Andrews? 4th rounder.

Perhaps you did not watch the Jacksonville game, where Ghiaciuc (4th round, 2005) proved his mettle against the top rated DTs of the Jags

Perhaps you should also check the draft positions of the players on the great offensive line of 1988. Munoz was at the top of round 1, but check the others. It will be a learning experience for you.

All that said, what's really the truth of the matter is that we spent a number of early draft picks to improve our defensive line to the point it has reached. This isn't a case of "we only succeed with early picks" but rather we actively chose as an organization to emphasize the building of a powerful offensive line. As of this past year, we've finally suceeded.

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Perhaps you should also check the draft positions of the players on the great offensive line of 1988. Munoz was at the top of round 1, but check the others. It will be a learning experience for you.

He clarified his position in the Gilles thread. It's second day, OL picks when Paul Alexander was the coach. So it's not just about the team's fortunes with a particular round and position, it's about a particular coach's fortunes with a particular round and position. Apparently he's only successful with good players like Willie, Levi and Steinbach. A Phil Jackson of linemen.

As Tom Cruise would say, I've done the research (posted in more detail in the other thread) and concluded that of the 10 second day OL picks of the past 11 years, the Bengals have only gotten starts from Rod Jones (7th round, 1999) and Ghiaciuc (4th, 2005) and legitimate playing time from Victor Leyva (5th, 2000) and Scott Kooistra (7th, 2003). 4 out of 10. Including Andrews and Kieft who shouldn't be judged yet.

Let's hope no quality o-linemen drop into the 4th round, or we won't be able to use them.

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I partied in Ben Wilkerson`s girlfriends apartment in Cincy last year. Neither of them were there but I did see a lot of pictures of him around. His girl is about 5 foot 1 or so. Pretty funny looking, them together. A friend of hers let me and my buddies stay there because our tire went flat on 1-75. Now, I am a huge Wilkerson fan.

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The odds that the Bengals draft Mangold are highly unlikely but he's being touted as the best center prospect in a decade so they might look and see what kind of deal they can put together to add another established player and another pick.

But the odds seem likelier that they'd give more consideration to putting a deal together to trade their pick down to a team that needs Mangold right away.

As for the Bengals O-Line, I remain hopeful that that they re-sign either Levi or Steinbach (and if at all possible both) and use their other lineman or free agency to fill whatever losses might happen after next year rather than using a Day 1 pick or even Day 2 picks on O-linemen this year.

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I'm not a big fan of the draft Nick Mangold scenario. That said, I've got to wonder if the presence of Ghiaciuc and Wilkerson is enough to kill the idea outright. The Bengals have very little invested in both of those players, and Ghiaciuc wasn't exactly named the center of the future when he was drafted. Instead, his selection was explained by the need for depth at the interior positions and his potential to become a starter at C when Braham calls it a day. Maybe Ghiacuic becomes a future starter, or maybe he doesn't....but the investment of a 4th round pick probably isn't enough to prevent the Bengals from CONSIDERING drafting Mangold if the draft doesn't fall the way they'd like. In addition, this is a very weak draft for teams looking to add a C.

As for Wilkerson, I'll argue that his UFA signing was a stroke of brilliance no matter how it plays out, but there's never been a guarantee that he'll ever return to form, and we are rapidly approaching a point in time where a decision on his injury recovery and playing future will have to be made. If the answers reached aren't positive, and the Bengals have no plans for Braham beyond this season, then the selection of Mangold becomes far more attractive.

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Hair, couldn't agree with you more about time to make a decision about Wilkerson, as well as if the answers not being positive in nature. If that is the case, I'll concede the drafting of Mangold at a minimum, is more than an afterthought. That being said, if the answers ARE positive in nature, than I go back to my original line of thought.... NO to Mangold !!!


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If we are up to pick, and Mangold seems to be our best option...Trade down.

And even if we can't find a trade down partner, pick the next best defensive player.....


I have no idea why he keeps getting pimped here except that some of you think we should just take players from Ohio State only, which is ridiculous.

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