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  1. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Yikes, did not realize Taylor tried to call timeout before the game-winning INT play. He at least seemed to give up once the ball was snapped, but seemed unsure of himself. And why did he wait? Weird.
  2. Broncos Eye Callahan; Raiders Trey Brown: Giants Lou

    What does that mean? Kind of? Eli's quote?
  3. Broncos Eye Callahan; Raiders Trey Brown: Giants Lou

    Wait so Amazon, as in the Sunday night game broadcast on Prime? (I think it is) I don't watch sports media shows or news, so I'm clueless, is Amazon planning on exclusive games of the week? More?
  4. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    So Bates texted Atkins about coming back. What about Dunlap? Better start scratching around for some help if they can find it - 4 injured DT's, now Sample.
  5. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Joe Burrow Funniest Moments
  6. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Weather may be another factor. Supposed to be 26 degress in Buffalo next Sunday, 46 in KC (no snow/rain it looks like at least). Huge difference. So yeah, I guess give me the KC matchup again, they will be pumped to exact revenge and go to the SB, but I just like the matchup better in terms of odds on paper.
  7. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    AFCC for the first time since the year I graduated HS. Sign some FA o-lineman?
  8. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah
  9. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Evan time....aaaa
  10. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

  11. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    O-line almost non-existent 85% of the time. Just a brutal match-up vs Titans d-line.
  12. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    He's been great today, if he could play like this every week...
  13. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    So many of these just seem like poor discipline and missed pick-up's. It was a matter of this week or next, that the o-line would knock them out I guess. They just aren't good enough.
  14. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Burrow has to pick that up, no disguise, not enough blockers, just a complete goof on his part. I don't know how he didn't see that.