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  1. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    It's definitely a deeper/tougher rebuild than Marvin had, and is why I didn't think Taylor was a good fit here
  2. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    He'll be fine, just time. It's certainly good that it's "just" the 2 tears, and not a destroyed knee joint like Palmer had. The possible upside is, that the Bengals' put more of a premium on upgrading the o-line than they otherwise would've, if he finished the season.
  3. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Not sure how you pass on Sewell if he pans out pre-draft. There really isn't a position on that line that should be "set." Even Jonah at LT. If a Chase Young, Watt or Bosa type were there, then ok, but not seeing it yet.
  4. Bengals @ Dolphins Pregame Chatter

    For some reason the Bengals' just can't turn themselves around in a season or two like other teams can...must be "bad luck." Meanwhile the Bengals' are 6-31-1 since beating the Dolphins in 2018, when they were 4-1. Zac Taylor now has the worst start of any Bengals' coach in franchise history. Even Shula had 2 more wins than he does so far. Also, maybe think about signing a competent vet #2 QB for once, which is something Marvin at least put more value on (yet I feel like that issue is an MB issue where he doesn't want to allocate cap space). I remember when we laughed at the Hue Jackson Browns, now the Bengals' are that team.
  5. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    Giants move into 1st place with their 4-7 record. Allen magic wasn't there today.
  6. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    Time for some Allen magic
  7. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    lol, no one stands a chance behind this line, there's always someone with a breakdown in protection, not that Allen isn't terrible at this level, but it's almost comical watching him run for his life or get doinked while throwing. Just brutal stuff. We appreciate your sacrifice sir.
  8. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    Down goes Jones
  9. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

  10. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

  11. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    I think every 1st round pick since 2015 have missed most or all of their rookie seasons here? (or at least 6 games or more) Then there was Dre Kirk and the Andre Smith injuries prior to that. I really don't know what to make of it any more.
  12. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    Just draft another franchise QB and alternate them on IR each year when one gets hurt behind the terrible o-line. Who else has thought of that? That way you always have a franchise QB if one gets hurt. So what if half your cap $$ goes to QB's, at least you won't have to watch Finley every season.
  13. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    Burrow's been hit more than any other QB this season, and I believe more than any QB since 2000? Regardless, it's a ridiculous # (72 times this year?). It's funny how "bad luck" works, the more you do something, the more likely you're to get an unlucky result.
  14. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    lol, Finley already sacked 3 times. Bengals' may want to start looking at mobile Qb's behind this line.
  15. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    Trying to figure out how a flag wasn't thrown on that play - high/low hit on Burrow crushed his leg, it's ugly. Mike Brown ruins everything he touches.