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  1. What About the Defense ??

    I think they have a chance to be top 15. Just a lot of young guys and new guys. No one talks much about Hubbard, who is in TJ Watt territory if he can bump his sack total up to 11-15.
  2. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Why would it dry up? If there was so much interest in him, give it some time and see what pans out. He took an offer to be a certain back-up, period, no competition at all, right out of the chute. He had no interest in starting again or going to a SB etc.., What is it that I'm not explaining about him that is so mysterious? The crying about not being released earlier seems like nonsense, if he asked for a release, they would've given it to him. I don't need to beat a dead horse, so will end it with 0 playoff wins Dalton.
  3. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Yeah Walford would really stabilize that line for Burrow and give them much-needed vet leadership etc..., I don't see it happening here, not in the Bengals' character to be that proactive when an opportunity arises. If they signed him, that would make things a lot more interesting next season. Go from having a below-average o-line at best, to possibly an outstanding one if Jonah works out early. I really don't know why they wouldnt' be interested since they didn't address the G position almost at all in the draft and only signed Sua, who has never been on Walford's level, and could just as easily be used as good depth, which they still also need at G.
  4. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Instead of making a serious run at Walford, the Bengals' would typically use the Dalton cash to re-sign someone (i.e. Mixon). I can' t imagine who else has that much cap space left? (I have no idea) Beyond just cap relief, not sure what the issue is yet either, if any, with him. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/surprise-release-of-saints-g-larry-warford-puts-3-time-pro-bowler-on-open-market-220636405.html
  5. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Not sure if this has been posted yet elsewhere. Those last 4 games are pretty rough, but 3 of the 4 are at home, over-all it seems to be a favorable schedule possibly.
  6. Farewell Andy Dalton

    I think it says something about Dalton that he was so willing to take a back-up role with a team who has an established vet QB, before seeing if any situations pan out where he may have a shot at starting. I mean regardless of Dak's situation, it's extremely unlikely Dalton becomes a starting QB in Dallas, if he even gets on the field. It's not as if he wouldn't get multiple opportunities later this year if he waited. But a "short commute" seemed more important than wanting to win and be successful somewhere and prove his doubters/haters wrong etc.., Never really had the competitive leadership mentality needed to be great, and all those shots of him smiling after a loss or a bad play or screw-up sort of confirms it for me. To him it's just a job, easy-going, take everything in-stride, praise Jebus. That's all fine and good, but it is not the type of guy I would want leading my team on the field. It should be the first criteria measured when choosing a QB, or any player really, when it comes to sports any ways. I see the exact opposite in Burrow BTW - I'll always root for guys like that. I had a hard time with Dalton, I just knew he would never fully pan out regardless of how good of an athlete he is.
  7. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Sounds like the plan right now they're developing, is to have time-coordinated, planned/limited entrances and exits from the stadium for fans, in-seat vendor service, etc.., in addition to reduced capacities. Honestly it sounds like a bunch of waiting around and limited movement, which could turn into a couple extra hours of sitting and waiting to leave or enter the stadiums. You'll have to be really hard-core to go to a game this year, unless something changes. With the ability to test players in intervals, I don't know that they'll be at much risk, plus they're in the ultimate physical condition, in addition to what I assume will be an effective treatment of some sort by then, but throwing thousands of people into any building indoors or out, still seems pretty crazy. In any case, I'm so f'ing ready for this to be over with, there's got to be a better way, but maybe not.
  8. Farewell Andy Dalton

    The TD/INT ratio is a problem though for Dalton, always has been...except for 2015.
  9. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Wow the Cowboys are playing hard ball with Prescott. Didn't even think of the possibility of Dalton being the Cowboys starting QB. Will be interesting to see if Prescott accepts the franchise tender.
  10. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    From the article Hoosier referenced above: (and yes very interesting analysis/fun read):
  11. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Yeah I never had a problem with the deal itself, just don't think Dalton justified his salary for most of it, wildly inconsistent, but it turns out he wasn't over-paid in the end, as you said. Any starting QB is going to make that or more typically on average. I remember the "$100 million QB" being thrown around when he was struggling. Even in his early playoff years, he threw INT's like he was giving out candy. Only posted a 90+ QB rating 2 out of those last 6 seasons. For comparison, Marcus Mariotta has a higher QB rating over the last 5 seasons. He had 3 good/great years, but even 2 of those were sullied with a lot of INT's and playoff stinkers. If we can only talk about one year out of 9, I'm going to say he may be the most overrated Bengals' QB of all-time!! But yeah yeah, good dude, etc..,
  12. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Meh, no one was going to pay him $17.5 mil, and the Bengals' weren't going to pick-up any of the tab I'm guessing. No one wanted him as their penciled-in starter at this point. He's an injury away somewhere from being a starter though, unless Belichick wants to roll that dice.
  13. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Was ready to move on from him 3 years ago, am just glad we're finally there, ready to watch someone else. Odd that he and Newton are both unemployed at the moment. Who knows where he'll end-up at this point. I can't imagine Belichick tolerating his mental lapses and inconsistency, but we'll see.
  14. General Free Agency Thread

    Could make the roster as a ST's guy and/or 4th LB, and will probably be an upgrade to what they have there, but who knows.
  15. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Complain about it on Bengalszone :)