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  1. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Well Boyd looks to be done for the year with a "low grade MCL sprain." Burfict's missed the last 2 games with a concussion (hint: RETIRE already man). No way they win the last 2 games - I'd be shocked if they won either of them.
  2. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Yeah on the road, not sure they're going to beat a more motivated Browns' team. Pitt's a guaranteed loss. Makes 3 losing seasons in a row for Marvin. Would then have a sub-.500 record in December for his career here, to go along with 15 years and zero playoff wins.
  3. Current 2019 Draft Position

    MB made a decision years ago that he'd never "fire" Marvin I'm guessing. The two-part "10 year turnaround" from 2004-2014 earned Marv a place at the Brown family table. It's also the path of least resistance, which MB also likes...a lot.
  4. Current 2019 Draft Position

    It's crazy to think there's 5-8 teams with better records than this bunch of junk. Let's hope they make better draft decisions this year?
  5. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    I hear ya but there are plenty of big, local advertisers they use, are constantly advertising all over town for season ticket buyers, and from what I do understand, he would receive a smaller share of merchandising revenues the lower his are. I have to believe it also lowers the value of his franchise. Being a family owner, I have to imagine his "cushion" is a lot smaller than the corporate tycoons in big markets - it's still hard for me to believe he could survive more than a couple of years with a half empty stadium, or less. I'd think the league would step-in at that point and do "something" if they aren't pulling their weight.
  6. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    Yeah there's really no reason for any sort of optimism with this franchise, I'm done with taking them seriously have been for some time, I enjoy the game and some of the talented players are fun to watch - but I ain't buying any Bengals' merch or going to any games until that ownership is dissolved, the team is moved or sold, etc.., at this point. I just don't think MB is capable of doing what it takes - he is not willing to make the effort and doesn't want to win badly enough. They'll punt the rest of the season because they have to w/o a starting QB and #1 WR, but they have lost 6 of their last 7 games, Dalton only missed 2 out of those 6, so it's not like this is some recent trend. This is a Junior NFL city, always will be until they clean house, including ownership.
  7. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    MB seems much less tolerant since moving into PBS about declining season tickets and ticket sales. The NFL buffers him incredibly well of course with shared revenue, but from what I understand, the concessions, parking etc.., pretty much go into his family's pockets. Take that away and he gets real antsy. I don't think this has changed recently, but let me know if I'm wrong.
  8. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    Just making excuses, i.e. "came down to 3 plays." Yeah, you lost by 14, your crappy team had 13 penalties like they do every week (this time a record!), your o-line can't block anybody, you drafted/signed them, take some responsibility for them and the last-ranked defense in the NFL, moron. The LB's you drafted can't stop anybody either and they all SUCK and YOU drafted/signed them too! He's responsible for all of it, and he's going to blame it on a punt returner who "finally" muffs a punt after how long without doing so? You can't overcome ONE turnover? Your "Franchise QB" turns it over multiple times, usually, every week! How's it different this week?
  9. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    If there's one thing that will doom Marvin finally, it is lack of season ticket renewals and new sales. They've put themselves in a position where "promoting from within" will also not really fly anymore. It would've even a year ago still, I don't think it will now.
  10. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    More of today's ecstatic crowd:
  11. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

  12. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    The crowd shots are EMBARRASSING for an NFL game/broadcast. They can't be happy about that. Looks like a mid-September MLB game.
  13. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    Bengals' punt down by 11 with under 7 min's left on 4th and 8. I mean whatever, likely wouldn't have mattered either way considering how bad the offense is. Note: If you don't make the 4th and 8 and hold them to a FG, you still need to score 2 TD's to tie.
  14. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    14-3 Broncos after muffed punt return by Erickson. Dre Kirk out with ankle injury, his replacement immediately gets beat for a TD.
  15. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    Today's game should move them up a few spots...