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  1. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Another scrap heap hire for Taylor - can't imagine anyone reputable wants to come here any ways, at least until Taylor proves himself, which the jury is still way out on.
  2. Brady Is Out Here Cheap Shotting People

    So glad to NOT be watching the Pats or Cowgirls this post-season, so much more entertaining w/o the sports media slobbering over them, and I'm enjoying watching the Titans (except for their awful expansion uni's). I still expect the Niners vs KC in the SB, but, would love to see the Titans get in there on their hot streak and make life tough for the Niners, who look unstoppable and have been all year for the most part.
  3. Other NFL games.

    Lamar Jackson really struggled in the playoffs, aside from junk time #'s and scrambling - 52% CP, 63 QB rating, 1 TD 2 INT's passing, a measley 6.2 ypa. Study that Tenn playoff film Zac, and when you play the Ravens from now on, make him beat you from the pocket with his arm. There's a reason Rodgers closed-out that game vs the Seahawks - he can stand back there and drop one on a dime under pressure 25 yards downfield and win games in big, pressure-cooker moments, he's not missing open guys on underneath routes or scrambling when his initial reads are covered too tightly for him. It's why I thought Tannehill would do well in the playoffs too - doesn't turn it over, can deliver from the pocket - just provide him a great defense and running game. And it's why I loathed Dalton for so long, just doesn't have that make-up to carry a team when they need him to, or close-out games against top teams.
  4. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    Until we hear that they love Burrow, it's a legit concern. I think Herbert can be a great NFL QB, potentially, but like most here I'm on the Burrow train as well, at least until there's ever a reason not to be, which I'm not seeing at this point. If he lights up Clemson Mon night, it would drives things home I think, regardless of combine/workout results. Bit of an uknown with Taylor still, being a former QB, he could do something a bit whacky. I'm not confident in his ability to do anything other than listen to his scouts/personnel people, and do what they say.
  5. Time to begin the rebuild

    I don't get the Belichick interest, unless Belichick thinks Dalton can be "fixed" at this age. That's a lot to ask. I'd assume he'd at least want someone who doesn't turn it over as much as Dalton does, his gaffes would drive Belichik insane. Dalton maybe works for a needy team that has a great defense and a solid o-line and coach. Not sure any of those scenarios really exist right now. That basically means someone has to get hurt, so Dalton would make a great #2 guy for a rich team, but his price point likely won't allow that. It'll be interesting to see what happens with him.
  6. RIP Sam Wyche

    Sad news indeed.
  7. Tribute to Andy Dalton

    Dalton finished with the 3rd worst passer rating in 2019 (78.3), just in front of Haskins and Hodges. Had a terrible line most of the year and has a history in the league, so I'm sure that's taken with a grain-of-salt, but I can't think of a team that would pay him and also name him as their starting QB next year. It "could" happen, but at the moment there's no obvious landing spots. If I had to guess, the Bengals' end-up cutting him and he signs elsewhere as a back-up or competing for a starting job. My only concern with keeping him in Cincy as a backup would be that he might infect a rookie QB somehow, that leads to more turnovers or Andy-like issues. MB is a loyal guy and likely views Andy on par with AJ and Marvin, I wouldn't be surprised if he does pay him next year, never know.
  8. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    It will be interesting who they're anticipating losing, either Denard (who is a UFA) or Jackson, whose salary jumps from $1.5 mil to $10 mil next year on his last contract year, but can be cut with no dead cap penalty from what I understand. Kirkpatrick is signed for 2 more years and is more costly in terms of dead cap space if cut ($2.8 mil). Knowing MB, he probably doesn't want to pay 2 corners $9-$11 mil at the same time, and are already anticipating cutting Jackson and possibly losing Denard if his FA price is too high. Without using a high draft pick, I really don't know how they improve the DB's in one off-season without spending some money though. They really need a proverbial shutdown corner, but likely won't find one for another year or two.
  9. AJ: If I get tagged I will sit out the offseason

    I wonder where AJ would ideally like to play...?
  10. 2020 Draft

  11. Tribute to Andy Dalton

    He's a very rich man and he'll be fine, I was ready to move on 3 years ago from him.
  12. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    So, Germaine Pratt - a TFL today and half a sack so far - still improving
  13. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Unfortunately he's gotten burned downfield 2X pretty badly today so far along with the INT, one for a TD
  14. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Mixon running like Corey Dillon vs the Browns
  15. OSU vs Clemson Playoff Game Thread

    OSU completely f'd themselves. Lawrence is insane, can't say I would complain too much about watching him and Burrow matchup.