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  1. The O-Line Roster

    I don't think they mind paying the initial 3-5 year deal for a G or even a C in the late 1st/2nd rounds. I think a C or G is fully in-play with the #21 pick, it just depends how highly McGlinchy or another OT is on their board I think. So yeah if they don't think highly enough of Hernandez, Daniels or McGlinchy, could see someone like Payne for them at 21.
  2. The O-Line Roster

    Andre Smith was a mauler on tape too coming out of Alabama. Orlando reminds me too much of that situation to even think about wasting a top 3 pick on him.
  3. TJ's Mock - positional only

    Likely Daniels (C) or Williams (OT), or a defender if one of Evans/James/Smith falls possibly. Daniels would be nice. They can find a nice OT prospect in the 2nd or 3rd round to compete with Fisher and provide needed talent depth...but they want to run and feature Mixon/Bernard more, so RT may be more important, as you mocked, instead of the best C in the draft.
  4. The O-Line Roster

    If I had to predict what the Bengals' would do based on their history: 1st - OT 2nd - LB/DB 3rd - C/G 4th - DB/DT/TE They're stuck with Cedric and his $2.96 mil against the cap, can see him being a back-up to Glenn, and maybe he improves, but if they draft a RT in the 1st or 2nd rounds, not sure where he fits in, or who he could beat out for a position. Weird to see Brown conceding so much money, if he does. What a waste that guy's been though. So I don't know.
  5. 2018 is now starting at the midpoint of the 2017 season

    No projects, draft a legit, top-of-the-board Center.
  6. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    Bengals' reportedly offered him a "long term, low guarantee contract." He decided the Bills' offer was better for him. Sounds like they wanted to bring him back to compete with a rookie and cut him if he wasn't the better option for some reason, he said no thanks to more $$ - which in this case I can't bitch about the Bengals' low-balling a player. All of a sudden they are pretty locked-in to drafting a C or G with their 1st pick...you would think.
  7. Vontaze is going to miss some time XD

    Well they're saying 4 games and his defense is pretty bad, it's why they suddenly signed Brown I'm guessing. They have a real problem with their o-line and LB's, even with Glenn. They can't afford not to pick an OT/G/C or LB at least once in the first two rounds.
  8. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    Bodine might actually be gone, no idea how they afford anyone else unless some cuts are made. Even Jones doesn't seem to be an option to re-sign now. I am happy with those moves if they stay that way (not so sure they will).
  9. Eifert Re-Signs with Bengals

    Maybe they can get a couple of games out of him before he gets hurt.
  10. Vontaze is going to miss some time XD

    As I've said - unreliable player, can't count on him, time to move on and eye a replacement in the draft.
  11. 2018 is now starting at the midpoint of the 2017 season

    Burfict to me is unreliable and a short term solution for anyone due to his repeated concussions and permanent knee issue (going off memory here - think it's his knee). If he's not being suspended, he's coming out of games constantly with injuries - almost every game there at the end of the season he was taking a knee multiple times it seemed, and he just isn't as effective as he used to be as a result. IF they can get good value for him - why not. But I'm guessing they probably won't be able to get enough for him (i.e. a 3rd rounder and/or a starter from the Raiders who fills a need here). That said, he's their best LB by far, changes that defense - my concern if they trade him, is how they replace him. They'll need a 1st round/Pro-Bowl level talent or FA. Hell they desperately need a stud LB like that regardless, dropping down to #21 sort of counts that out most likely (can maybe find a productive guy, but not a big play-making talent that can dominate a game). I could be wrong there if a player drops down to them, not sure. Final thought is that I hope Marvin realizes how badly they need LB's - seriously the guys they have suck, and don't tell me Vigil is going to turn into the next Zach Thomas, the guy is just quality depth and a nickel player on playoff caliber teams, not a guy you can count on for 3 downs - plus he's going to get hurt a lot (too small) and showed us that last season, when you treat him like a 3-down LB instead of a situational and ST's guy.
  12. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn!!

    Hmm, he's had some pretty significant injury issues the last 2 years, but, I guess I'm not going to complain about being proactive and trading for a starter. Prior to 2016 he was super solid. Is the 1st round swap confirmed?
  13. 2018 is now starting at the midpoint of the 2017 season

    When he drops to the 2nd, Marvin and Mike won't be able to resist. Nothing like another under-developed, under-motivated player to go along with Andre Smith too.
  14. Bengals' Interested In Safeties

    The article I read made it seem as though he had a comparable deal from the Bengals', but chose the Saints (I would certainly view them as significantly stronger SB contenders vs the Bengals).
  15. Bengals' Interested In Safeties

    Saints signed him, because of course....