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  1. I'm still surprised the Cowboys hired Alexander so quickly, but it makes sense, he has a ton of experience, and just needs really good players, or they'll get a bunch of swings-and-misses trying to develop anything but polished rookie talent, and run into roster issues.
  2. UDFA signings

    Bleacher Report gives the Bengals' UDFA signings a D Grade, lowest in the division.
  3. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    So they added Price and that's it basically. 2 unsettled positions on the right side still, and no quality OT depth to speak of (I assume Hopkins will have to earn his position at RG again, but he's a back-up playing in a full-time starting role, IMO). The Fisher/Ced picks are killing them. Gets assistants fired. I like the Price/Bates picks well enough, can come around on Hubbard's appeal here, but am suspect of another Texas LB who can't help against the run, was there not a decent OT or G prospect there? A RB, I guess, but why so early? Another garbage QB and a slow 6'5" WR who very likely won't make the roster, along with a mediocre NT candidate who is more of a PS project. I have to give this one a C. Then again I just don't think this draft had a lot of interesting talent, very bland class of players, so whateva.
  4. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    Yet they drafted Illoka's replacement, he will be expected to start, or compete for it. Not sure I understand what they're doing there. Unless they want to move Illoka to SS. I'd be fine with never having to watch Williams miss a tackle again either way.
  5. Rd. 3 78&79

    Yeah, it was odd to have him do that. Although I don't think Hubbard will amount to much more than a situational guy, Jefferson could very easily beat out one of the current OLB's, unless he gets in Marvin's strange rookie doghouse.
  6. Rd. 3 78&79

    Sam Hubbard, Malik Jefferson (OLB, Texas)
  7. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    I'm talking about the local media who cover the team. I've never heard anyone explain why they are so hot after a starting-caliber S when they have two of them under big, multi-year contracts that were signed before last season (2016). Both of them run through 2020. Granted Williams sucks, but then why draft a FS? Why look at them in FA?
  8. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    NFL Network guys give the pick a B+ (for what that's worth). Apparently the Bengals' aren't high on Williams or Illoka. Do they want to move Illoka to SS? Bates is a true NFL FS. I will say that Williams is terrible, and I don't really get the Illoka love (inconsistent at-best), so Bates is going to probably start, so I don't understand why the media here hasn't reported more about that situation and the Bengals' seemingly desperate attempts to acquire a S this off-season.
  9. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    Eh, well, Bates, kinda meh, but not a "bad" pick - but hard to make a bad one in the 2nd with all the sort of muddled-up talent at this point. Jessie Bates profile: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/jessie-bates?id=32462018-0002-5601-3099-1ea09eebf7a3
  10. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    OT (if right one is still there) > LB > SS
  11. The O-Line Roster

    Had to draft an injured lineman...(I realize he's been cleared for training camp by non-NFL medical officials)
  12. The O-Line Roster

    Price...will take it. (liked Daniels better, but get it with Price's ability to play G)
  13. The O-Line Roster

    Ridley? :)
  14. Draft Documentation

    Whoa Kolton Miller at 15 to the Raiders. Bills trade-up to #16.
  15. Draft Documentation

    I guess no one's doing the round-by-round threads anymore eh? Didn't Hair used to do those? (before he left because people made fun of Andy too much)