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  1. Giants preseason game

    Drink every time Anthony Munoz says "I'll tell you what," and you'll get drunk fast.
  2. Giants preseason game

    Anderson - 1st touch, big gain with a nice move. Wonder if he'll give Bernard a run for his money. Nice pass by Dalton to Uze for TD. Not sure if Giants have 2nd team in on D, but he's getting no pressure at all really.
  3. Offensive Line

    Sure, no argument with the preseason games. Not looking good usually doesn't bode well though, the W/L record is meaningless. I think a 6-7 win season is certainly best case scenario for them. Watching the 1st string play just reminds me of how long we've been watching the same below-average players for years now, would love to see some of the younger guys push a few of those starters, if not replace them. Not seeing anyone stepping-up yet really, at least on D. Probably the only thing I get out of preseason.
  4. Offensive Line

    Mike Brown give up a 1st round pick? Never! That's his precious.
  5. RIP Cedric Benson

    Yeah sad news, had a couple of great years here, had forgotten all about him, RIP.
  6. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    Noooo! But yeah I wonder if there's a problem with their, uh, position coach....
  7. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    I don't think anyone's saying he's a future starter yet, and I'd certainly expect them to draft a franchise QB next year if the right one is there. Driskell has had some nice preseason games too. But they used a 4th rounder on him, Taylor's a former QB, etc.., As long as Finley is playing well, can't complain. We'll see what happens I guess, be it this year or next.
  8. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Don't think he needs to necessarily, but yeah can't remember a single deep sideline or post route he threw in either game. Throws a catchable ball, but gotta wonder about arm strength leading NFL WR's (no idea how good he is at that, am guessing not great).
  9. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    yeah, probably not a good sign for Price not being able to stick at C as a 1st round pick. Hopkins seems to have taken him over this year. I'm a big OSU fan, but Price has been disappointing and I wasn't all that enamored with the pick (the position, yes, the player, no - always felt he was overrated and a potential injury-prone player). You just wonder if he was a Mike Brown pick since he was a Buckeye. Hopefully he can get/stay healthy and fulfill his potential.
  10. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Bengals' win! 23-13. Back-ups stole the show, Wynn, Willis with the rush, Ellis, Tate and Finley helped score 17 points I believe. Starting unit was bloody awful.
  11. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Finley 21 for 27, 2 TD's, 153 passing yards, less than 2 full quarters. Also Tate needs to make the roster and get more opps.
  12. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Has a bit of a noodle arm (accurate though), but yeah stands in there well and keeps his head downfield without panicking, pretty impressive so far.
  13. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Finley on-point again so far.
  14. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    The NFL definitely isn't. And yeah I'm not pinning the state of this team on him, the two bad throws were all on him though, but he's not going to overcome 4-5 holding penalties the first two drives either.
  15. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Another holding penalty, Dalton misses Eifert in the end zone, then has a typical batted-pass for a pick 6, comes off the field smiling and laughing. I can't tell you how utterly sick I am of watching him play football.