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  1. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Sewell's size and athleticism are a perfect mach for today's freaky DT's, DE's and LB's. Very hard to find.
  2. General Free Agency Thread

    Aldon Smith?
  3. Coaching changes on staff

    The entire staff is still pretty underwhelming. Oh well, not sure Taylor can afford another 3-13 type of season, who knows, but we'll see how it goes I guess. My biggest issue is the lack of attention to the defensive problems - but what can you do when most of your roster is either hurt or doesn't want to play for this staff. So, hopefully the player-coach issues are at least resolved through these changes.
  4. 2021 NFL Draft

    Need the picks, so I can't see moving up, unless they're trading a player, but I'm still on the Sewell train as well. I don't know why they'd consider Pitts at #5, I'd still take Chase or Smith over him there.
  5. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Classic Hobson spin below on why they don't pay G's. He's de-valuing a position group, this is not modern football thinking. That is the thinking of someone who's still stuck in the pre-FA era. When you have to step-up and pay a G, you pay him. A good personnel GM plans this out. You don't worry about "positional" value, you worry about the value of talent.
  6. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Would like to see Alexander brought back.
  7. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    More and more mocks showing Sewell to the Bengals/being there at #5. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-mock-draft-justin-fields-goes-to-jacksonville-at-no-1-miami-picks-devonta-smith-lands-at-no-3 My opinion still is that if Sewell checks-out in pre-draft/combine workouts and interviews, he's a no-brainer. Makes your whole o-line better, your QB better, your RB and WR's better, and allows for more flexibility on the line when it comes to moving guys around, and immediately upgrades the talent level with a starter they likely won't have the cap room for in the off-season. He also serve as much-needed Jonah insurance, as that guy can't seem to stay healthy yet (AND if he improves next season like Whitworth did in his 2nd full season - you got 2 great bookends and a capable QB who can win playoff games). Of course nothing wrong with trading-down and getting the #2 OT or IOL or a DE/DT/LB instead, but, if you're going to stay put and he's there, just do it.
  8. Coaching changes on staff

    BTW, is there an official announcement or list of coaches who've been officially let go? I've yet to see anything. Then there's this below, which I agree with 100%. Something is seriously wrong with this org and their player health/injuries. It is completely unnatural for this many players to have the amount of injuries this franchise has: (although again I'm still wondering what "clean house" means? I haven't seen anything other than 3 assistant names mentioned as being let go). The local media coverage here is absolutely terrible when it comes to sports, everything is so fragmented now, I don't have time to do Google searches or pay for ths kind of content/news.
  9. Coaching changes on staff

    This better be a make-or-break year for Taylor and that entire staff. I love how Brown basically blames the fans, "this is what you wanted 2 years ago." Typical. The fans simply have higher standards than the owner.
  10. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

  11. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Harbaugh has just been destroying Taylor. These games aren't even remotely competitive against the Ravens.
  12. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Dunlap, Geno...outside of Hubbard, Lawson, Pratt, Bynes, Alexander and Bates, it's literally a defense of back-up's. Never seen anything like it.
  13. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Which makes you wonder how in the world there are 3-4 teams actually worse than the Bengals.....
  14. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    I've seen a lot of boring, meaningless, dull Bengals' games. This one may take the cake though. I've never cared about the outcome of a game less.
  15. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Matter of time until Sims got toasted. 10-0 Ravens.