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  1. Chiefs game flexed to SNF

    Unless KC's o-line falls apart, I suspect the Bengals' offense will have to score at least 34 points to have a chance to win.
  2. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    A few final observations: Why did Dalton snap the ball with :17 sec's left on the play clock (1:24 remaining) with a 1st and 10 at the Steeler's 11? (typical bonehead Andy stuff) Why did the Bengals' call an all-out blitz on the final play that Ben just audibled out of? (and Burfict complaining about going into the locker room on camera "we don't even run that play in practice") Where is Marvin's accountability as a HC when these mistakes happen over and over again? (this is why he's not a great HC and never will be) Austin has been very disappointing as a DC here so far. His defense is sitting near the bottom of the league I'm guessing, as they've yet to give-up fewer than 27 points in a game so far. Miami and Baltimore are the best wins so far, both teams are mediocre .500'ish teams at this point. Pittsburgh has won 9 of the last 10 meetings, 7 consecutive games now, and 6 straight home losses to them dating back to 2013. Marvin still has a job in the land of low expectations. I pray this is the last year we have to watch his sorry pregnant-looking ass coach here, sick of him.
  3. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    They'll be 4-3 after KC kills them and given their schedule will likely be in the hunt for a WC, but won't beat anybody again if they do earn a spot,. It's literally the same old story, same old song and dance, every year Marvin has been the coach. Cost-cutting owner and failing to shore-up areas of weakness = zero playoff wins for decades. They can't beat good teams often enough, seems like they never do...just pretenders.
  4. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    It's a broken record - so tired of watching the same result. Same old Bungals.
  5. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Game over. Marvin hasn't beaten this dag gone team in 5 years at home now, yet still has a job. This defense isn't playoff caliber and likely won't be the rest of the year.
  6. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Great drive by Dalton/AJ/Boyd though. Dalton's growing on me this year for the first time in his career! (loss or not today)
  7. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    TD Mixon! 1:18 left though...ugh
  8. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Yeah if they do score, as always with this defense, don't do it too quickly....
  9. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    If Marvin would find some good LB's they wouldn't be in this position so often - terrible on 3rd down, can't stop the run or cover TE's, it's been the same thing every year he's been here, other team milks the clock with 3rd down conversions the entire game. I just get tired of watching it. Let's hope the offense can pull one out of their proverbial ass here...I'm not feeling very confident though.
  10. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Welp, 3:30 left to score a TD or face the usual Pitt loss
  11. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    TD drive by Pitt here ends it...
  12. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Now Dunlap limping off...cmon
  13. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Connor with 110+ rushing yards so far...
  14. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Bengals' offense has just 164 total yards so far. Connor with 16 yards on 1st down after plowing Williams and knocking him out of the game. Any more of these pansies going to get hurt? Geesh.
  15. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    ticky tacky BS call on Jackson, doesn't matter these LB's suck and Pitt's running through them like shit through a goose