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  1. General Free Agency Thread

    That the Bengals' haven't had a LB with that kind of production here since O'Dell Thurman? 1-2 seasons of Burfict? That Vigil was garbage here as a LB and flourishes on another team suddenly? That the Bengals' can't develop o-lineman or LB's, and haven't for years now?
  2. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Brutal o-line grades. I can't even believe we're looking at this again already. If I'm Burrow I'm doing a Palmer with the old fart if he doesn't find some guys to protect him this off-season. Enough is enough with this nonsene after 4-5 years. Jesus.
  3. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    When you depend on 3 cast-off talents as starting interior lineman, you get cast-off results I guess, an injured Qb, and a RB averaging 3.4 ypc (or whatever it currently is). It's like a broken record: Owner that doesn't want to pay for interior lineman because he doesn't value them, but almost every other team finds a way to. On pace to give-up 85 sacks this year. Do they really think Burrow is going to thrive and survive under those conditions for a 2nd year in a row? What we're seeing is almost no different than last year so far, even with some improved OT play (Williams wasn't very good yesterday though, but he isn't the problem yet). If Burrow is getting hit 9, 10 times a game again next week, and sacked 4-5 times, then they are going to have real problems this season. I don't know how they fix that, they don't have the talent, and didn't bother to find any.
  4. General Free Agency Thread

    Nick Vigil is playing like a pro for Minnesota so far - makes you really wonder about the Bengals' development and/or use of players. Even without today's pick-six INT vs AZ or stats (pro football ref hasn't updated his profile yet), he had a whale of a game last week vs the Bengals: (10 tackles, 1 sack, 2 TFL, 1 QB hit). https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/V/VigiNi00.htm#:~:text=Nick Vigil. Nick Alfonso Vigil (Luke) Position%3A ILB,20 (5294th overall since 1960) High School%3A Fremont
  5. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    You can enter the game like this to get to your seat
  6. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    There was always 1-3 guys in the crowd, I was fine with foam finger guy and Bengal Jim is fine. The Raiders' "pit" is stupid, but growing-up it was always just 1-3 guys, now everyone in the section is dressed-up like it's a Juggalo convention. Tony Da Tiger looks like a sad, obese furry, and I have no idea what the Mandalorian or Star Wars has to do with football. I just can't believe these are adults watching a football game. It's just annoying, doesn't ruin the game for me or anything, but I'm tired of seeing these clowns on my Twitter feed in particular, when I'm just reading news or updates also, or on billboards etc.., but whatever.
  7. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Sorry off-topic a bit and a rant I have get out of my system, but when did NFL games become Cosplay Conventions for weird, middle-aged white dudes? Any ways, carry on. Th
  8. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Burrow and Chase mildly eluding to some dissatisfaction with the offensive game plan and coaching:
  9. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Missed tackle by Hendrickson may have blown it, oh well.
  10. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Bengals' have 2 TO's. 3:39 left...
  11. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Wilson! Ugh needed a TD there. But hey still...in it?
  12. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Sigh...they are just Bungalizing Burrow.
  13. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Aaand where has that been all day?
  14. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Yikes, Burrow doesn't look right.
  15. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Lose next week and the fans are going to start really turning on Taylor I think. At some point you have to start winning some damn games. They are a fluke fumble away from 0-2. It's year 3 and they look like this? The guy's a clown.