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  1. Potential Coaching Candidates

    No complaints here.
  2. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Bengals' hire Alex Van Pelt as QB coach from GB: https://sports.yahoo.com/m/e98ffedd-9637-3c57-9cc6-0e35772ab045/ss_bengals-sign-packers’-alex.html
  3. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Never won a playoff game in 20 years either. There are a lot of better o-line coaches out there. Alexander's junk.
  4. Well it's become obvious the major sticking point for Marvin, was the ability to pick his own coaching staff. Can't argue with the moves. Won't mean a whole lot in the short term unless they replace some players as well, like 6-7 starters ideally.
  5. They're in the "let's just be competitive enough to sell fools tickets" business.
  6. Important to remember....playoffs 5 years

    Unfortunately, regardless of Marvin, I expect Dalton to still be Dalton - every bit the "choker" Marvin is and has been.
  7. Holy crap.....

    Really the only good news so far - and I like that he's gone from the org and not just moved into another position. I'm guessing part of the hold-up with Marvin staying is that he wanted Alexander gone, and MB did not. I hope one of the next moves is to release Pac Man, who is a f'ing clown as well.
  8. Lewis given 2 year contract

    Lazor's a big "meh" - honestly I'm not sure they could find someone better at this point (or would be willing to). What I want to know is if they're going to bring in a real o-line coach with new run-blocking schemes and scouts, or just quietly keep Alexander as "Assistant Head Coach" while that whole situation gets so little attention from the media here. If they keep that deadbeat loser this franchise can f'k off because that offense won't be any different.
  9. Lewis given 2 year contract

    And start Pac Man despite being one of the worst corners in the league and multiple arrests/public incidents of violence.
  10. Lewis given 2 year contract

    This is literally the only thing left that would make me think they have any sort of clue in the world - if nothing else it would mean more for the future when Marvin blows another season or playoff game and is finally forced to quit. They are going to have a very difficult time selling season tickets and tickets in general next year as it is - they better create some buzz or turnover on that staff and let people know about it. I've been "done" with this team for years, in terms of emotional investment (it's easy now to laugh at losses, ineptitude, Marvin's choke jobs or inability to field disciplined players - it's all a big running joke) but I love football and talking about it/watching it, that won't change, although I'm much more into college ball than the NFL.
  11. Potential Coaching Candidates

    My concern is that whatever control Marvin is trying to wrestle away from Mikey, are the exact things a new HC will also need regardless, to be successful. If MB is unwilling to give-up those things, what's the point really? A new fall-guy comes in and probably does the same or worse, but likely not any better. I'm guessing the things Marvin wants to add or change, are the same things we bitch about here all the time (adding an indoor facility, the drafting and cap positional philosophies, the lack of free agent activity, assistants forced upon him such as Alexander that are never held accountable for anything seemingly, and maybe even some of the player signings/retention of players such as Pac Man that I cannot imagine Marvin isn't sick of dealing with). All that said, it's too bad Marvin can't do those things from a Personnel position instead of coaching games - something I really want to see someone else here do ultimately.
  12. Potential Coaching Candidates

    He can be an under-achiever and also handcuffed - they are not mutually exclusive.
  13. Lions @ Bengals game thread.

    "David Bodine is going to be great" - Paul Alexander
  14. Lions @ Bengals game thread.

    Small sample size. So far, so good though.
  15. Lions @ Bengals game thread.

    Let me get this straight, you throw a pass like that on 3rd and 3 with 4 min's left and down by a point? Dalton is just stupid. That has to be him.