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  1. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    Half of this team and the whole coaching staff (except Simmons) should be left to make their own way back to cincinnati. hopefully they won’t make it
  2. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    #59 just ran away from Jackson when he had a free run at him, as the spy, on 3rd and goal
  3. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Is Taylor really taking time outs on the assumption that they will miss a field goal? You have to admire his optimism- or indeed his fucking stupidity. They could have ended up rushing the FG but no, well give them some extra time for it
  4. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    There must be 2 guys on the street that can play better than Johnson/Price and Hart.
  5. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Our only hope is that they somehow run out if time. i can’t believe how they have contrived to lose this. wait, actually I can. Of course I can
  6. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Just give the Eagles the win FFS absolutely fucking pathetic
  7. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Going backwards- you have to laugh
  8. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Fucking pathetic. Eagles offence will be hot knife through butter stuff now
  9. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Absolutely - stacks and bunches working, run game non existent - so run it and don’t use any stacks or bunches in goal to go situations. Taylor is not the guy
  10. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Some of the most pathetic defending I’ve ever seen at any level of football. Its not flag FFS
  11. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    As an aside, Jessie Bates has made a massive step backwards this season. Has been terrible
  12. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    It’s the hope that kills you. Cards will go down the field and score, chewing the clock in the process. Game over with that scramble
  13. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    Good to see Huber taking things into his own hands LOL
  14. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    And Cooper was beat out by a bunch of guys who can’t catch. Figure that one out
  15. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    That fourth down has to be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen