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  1. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    There isn’t even a thread for today’s game. That’s positivity
  2. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    Even the punter has given up.
  3. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    This club is threatening to revert to the 90s And we all remember how much fun that was The rookie just beat Kirkpatrick on the same route for a first. The towel thrown in. Burfict looked at Linday and just gave up. Sat down on the field
  4. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    This is going to be our Bledsoe -> Brady moment :)
  5. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    The window has now closed on the likes of Dalton, Green, Dunlap and Atkins. The only way that these guys retire with a ring, is if they somehow end up on another team, with a chance of winning. A shame that we have messed up these guys’ careers. Oh wait, it was positive vibes that that you were after? There are none. Even when Mike shuffles off this mortal coil, Katy and Troy will ensure that it’s more of the same. Short of being bought over by someone with half a brain, there is no hope for this franchise
  6. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Come back is on
  7. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

  8. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    I was being facetious LOL BTW Chubb’s elbow looks down before he gets the FD. Not that it really matters in any way, shape or form
  9. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    The only good thing is that Lewis and Co cannot possibility survive this. They have to be fired tomorrow, right?
  10. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    They aren’t even trying on defence. Seriously They’d be better off with me in that secondary. I’m 48 years old and 180 pounds
  11. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Holy moly - what made them think they’d make a 54yd FG? CLE score a TD on this drive then forget it, Bengals will be blown out. Blown out. By the Browns
  12. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Price is terrible
  13. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Sounds like there are more Browns than Bengals fans inside PBS. They have hope. Remember that? Fisher vs. Garrett should give everyone of you the fear
  14. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Burfict looking like a d-lineman trying to play LB on the opening play LOL
  15. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    I’m sick to death of putting myself through the emotional wringer, with this lot, only for them to beat themselves, yet again. The PIT ending (where a blatant false start, on the pulling guard, was missed) has just about sent me over the edge.