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  1. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    The epitome of the ineptitude of this coaching staff is the fact that Nick Vigil actually looks like a player in MIN. Then you have his replacement eyes lighting up rather then securing an easy fumble recovery
  2. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    This is worse than the worst days of Marvin. Absolute garbage in every single facet of the game. why didn’t Burrow check to a run then - there was a 10 yard wide gap in the Bear D at Right Tackle
  3. TV off. Stick a fork in them
  4. They only need 25 yds to be in field goal range now. This is all on Taylor
  5. Completely mismanaged this overtime
  6. Burrow looks hurt - what a disaster!
  7. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Getting absolutely hosed by these refs
  8. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Much, much, much better, Unbelievably, now converted 18 of last 19 4th downs
  9. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Pit coaches have figured out that they can’t throw the ball in the wind, so are getting creative in the run game. Our coaches are staring into space hoping the fucking weather changes
  10. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    This is fucking pathetic. False start, illegal formation , delay of game, fumbled punt return, botched KO return, missed fair catch, give up reasonable punt return. All in half a quarter of football. Any more bullshit?
  11. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    What an absolute shit show of a start. Team are totally unfocused and unprepared.
  12. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    Half of this team and the whole coaching staff (except Simmons) should be left to make their own way back to cincinnati. hopefully they won’t make it
  13. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    #59 just ran away from Jackson when he had a free run at him, as the spy, on 3rd and goal
  14. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Is Taylor really taking time outs on the assumption that they will miss a field goal? You have to admire his optimism- or indeed his fucking stupidity. They could have ended up rushing the FG but no, well give them some extra time for it