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  1. (Tap Tap Tap) This Thing On?

    I tried out Jungle Noise thinking that this forum was done-zo. Holy crap that place is a cesspool.
  2. (Tap Tap Tap) This Thing On?

    Looks like we are only missing COB from the regular crowd.
  3. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    As for the Burrow/Montana thing....I have been making the same analogy, actually I see Burrow/Herbert as the second coming of Montana/Marino and I hope there are similar success arcs because that means championships for Cincy.
  4. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    This game is a measuring stick. I have never seen a QB play better than I saw Lamar play vs. a not terrible Colts defense to win that game. If Lamar plays like that they are very tough (perhaps impossible) to beat. That said there is a blueprint which is to put pressure on them immediately and keep it consistent throughout the game. This is not the 2001 Ravens defense. They have holes that can be exploited. High aspirations, low expectations is my motto on Sunday.
  5. (Tap Tap Tap) This Thing On?

    Wow, I thought we had lost this community forever! Thanks for getting this back online Hoosier!
  6. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Further evidence that ESPNs QBR is complete hokum. Burrows QBR for the game 71.6 Lawrence's? 82.5 How can anyone watch that game and come to the conclusion that Trevor Lawrence had a better game than Joe Burrow?
  7. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    What a game.
  8. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Get the ball to start the first half let's see what they are made of.....they say this is a different team, show.it.
  9. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    also this. Kenny had to play the Steelers twice a year when they had the greatest defense of all time.
  10. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    By almost any measurable statistic Kenny Anderson was a better QB than Terry Bradshaw. They played in the same era against largely the same competition. Terry has Kenny in TD Passes (212/197) but also threw 210 Ints to Kenny's 160. Kenny has Terry in passing yards, completion %, QB Rating, Y/A and YPC and, oh BTW Terry was working with two HOF receivers while Kenny had none. Terry was never a league MVP nor was he ever a passing leader for a season. Kenny had 4 All Pros to Terry's 3......the list goes on. Terry won the Super Bowls had the wins but let's face it he was also playing on the greatest team of all time....as a player, Kenny was better than Terry. If Terry is a Hall of Famer then Kenny was too...full stop.
  11. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    PFF QB Comparison Burrow - 79.9 OVR - 77 Pass - 70 Run Lawrence - 46.6 OVR - 45.5 Pass - 64.3 Run Advantage - Bengals RB Comparison Mixon - 79.0 OVR - 81.3 Run - 60.1 Rec - 31.0 Pass Blk - 60.0 Run Blk Hyde - 74.3 OVR - 78.1 Run - 56.0 Rec - 70.0 Pass Blk - 60.0 Run Blk Robinson - 65.4 OVR - 83.7 Run - 39.7 Rec - 29.5 Pass Blk - 60.1 Run Blk Advantage - Bengals WR Comparison Chase - 75.8 OVR - 56.6 Run - 76.6 Rec - 58.4 Run Blk Higgins - 73.5 OVR - 72.7 Rec - 62.9 Run Blk Boyd - 70.9 OVR - 73.4 Rec - 66.2 Pass Blk - 46.7 Run Blk Jones - 67.9 OVR - 69.7 Rec - 35.2 Run Blk Chark - 66.0 OVR - 64.2 Rec - 74.7 Run Blk Shenault - 56.6 OVR - 59.0 Run - 57.4 Rec - 65.3 Pass Blk - 62.0 Run Blk Advantage - Bengals Bengals are also showing positional advantages at Tackle, Interior Dline, Linebacker, Safety, Cornerback While Jacksonville is showing positional advantages at Interior Oline and Tight End Edge defenders are a mixed bag with Hendrickson being the highest rated edge defender but Jax having #2 and #3 (PFF has always hated San Hubbard)
  12. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Out of curiosity (and since I let my subscription lapse) who did Matt have us selecting?
  13. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Bates fixes alot of holes in our defense, that is a big loss this week
  14. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Definitely. I acknowledge that I suffer from Bengals-related post traumatic stress when we are predicting the fortunes of our favorite team. In my defense, how can you not after experiencing what we have experienced over the last 3 decades?
  15. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    I hope this marks a change in our fortunes but historically this is the exact situation where we fall down. I listened to the Lapham/McNally podcast (which was excellent for a football nerd like me) and it sounds like they are coming into this game pretty well prepared. Alot will depend on the health of our starting defensive backfield. Off topic, I love watching the Manning Monday night show. Hearing the game through the lens of guys that actually know what they are talking about is great.
  16. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Very nervous about this game, coming after a big win, prime time, short week, defense looks to be short handed, playing a rookie QB. Everything about this game screams trap. I certainly hope I am wrong but am expecting a Jax win. We desperately need to jump on them quickly and take their hope away, Jax appears to be a fragile team get up on them quickly put two early tds on the board and they will crumble. Let them get early confidence and we are in trouble.
  17. Absolutely beautiful.
  18. Don't get this, if his pass blocking grade is 68.8 and his run blocking is 35.8, how is it possible that his overall grade is 33.4.....what else is there for a guard? Did he score badly on the talent portion of the pagent? does someone think he is ugly?
  19. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    We haven't played the Ravens yet.......
  20. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Our offense needs to find it's rhythm in the next three games. Jax, GB, and Det all rank in the bottom third of the league in passing yards allowed, sacks, and passer rating against through three games.
  21. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Keep it going.....
  22. I really do believe this is the make or break game for the season.
  23. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    What could go wrong, getting your first professional start versus the Steelers.
  24. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Ok but they also shut down the Vikings which is a much harder task. I bet Dalvin Cook doesn't have another 61 yard 3.1/ carry day the rest of the season (barring injury)...and that was 5 qtrs.
  25. So I researched that football game to try and figure out what happened particularly in the 3rd qtr. Here is what I came up with. The Bears base defense was a 4-3 with a two deep safety, a very risky alignment. Basically you are saying we trust our front 4 can get pressure on the passer without alot of blitzing and our LBers are good enough to fill in the gaps and to keep the edges because you are getting no safety help. It frustrated Burrow because it took away the middle to deep middle and the later it got in the game the more frustrated Burrow which boiled over in the late 3rd.