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  1. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    What we have to hope for is a run on QBs....we get Murray, Lock, Haskins, and Jones in the top ten (or even 3/4) and White has a good chance if dropping in our laps.
  2. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Of the guys possible to be there at 11. I like White best, then Bush...gotta shore up the LBCorp it was embarrassing last year. I am rooting for RG/RT in the second with another last round prospect (5th or so). Greg Little is falling out of the 1st in most predictions, Dalton Risner would be a big win, there is even possibility that Cody Ford may fall into the second (unlikely). There will be very good OL prospects in the second round for us.
  3. Dalton was never the issue...the last time he had a competent OLine he was a leading MVP candidate. 2016 and 2017's oline was so bad that almost no one could have succeeded. Is the Oline fixed, no but it is better and thus Andy is putting up better stats.
  4. Fantasy 2018

    C'est la vie will have to auto draft.
  5. Fantasy 2018

    Any chance of moving the draft back one day? The First is my wife's birthday and I am positive she does not want me on my phone.
  6. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    John Ross.....wow.
  7. Fantasy 2018

    I think we are full.
  8. Fantasy 2018

    Guardians here please resend the invite to belar2001@gmail.com
  9. Rd. 3 78&79

    A TE and O. Brown is my prediction, although Shaq Griffin is there too.
  10. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    COB: Marvin Lewis falcon parsnip waffle-fries Canadian pigskin
  11. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    I think he is a TE that they won't call a TE
  12. The O-Line Roster

    Rod Taylor from Ole' Miss....RT/RG. I did not scout him but looking at his tape seems like a pretty good player.
  13. The O-Line Roster

    Desmond Harrison from West Georgia is still available, he had been mock to the Bengals in several mocks as early as the second.
  14. The O-Line Roster

    I think they think it will be Bobby Hart the FA they got from the Giants or Jake Fisher...no freaking idea why they didn't draft Tyrell Crosby in the Fourth.
  15. Because I am a complete draft obsessed nerd, every year I create a Prospect Value Chart ranking 250+ players (closer to 252 this year) and a Draft Primer. I build these documents primarily for myself to get my thoughts and strategy ready to go for the weekend (kinda like Christmas for me). I have tried to post these documents before on this forum to no-avail, trying again. If it works hope you enjoy.
  16. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    He was there for us and we take a running back...smdh
  17. Draft Documentation

    Looking through the remaining players heading into Day Three, the lone remaining player that carried a first round grade is Maurice Hurst who has clearly not been ok'd by the doctors as was reported....it would not surprise me to see him fall out of the draft all together at this point. I have modified the Value Chart to keep track of the players that are still available. There are a few second rounders still available. Marcell Ateman - WR - Oklahoma State...knew I was too high on this guy. He and Rasheem Green have been my two greatest mistakes. Ian Thomas - TE - Indiana Duke Ejiofor - DE - Wake Forest Ogbonnia Okorokwo - OLB - Oklahoma Josey Jewell - MLB - Iowa -----Cannot believe this guy fell past the third round, someone is going to get a huge steal. Anthony Averett - CB - Alabama Here are the third rounders still hanging around that will provide value. Herc Mata A'fa is one of my favorite players and of course Shaq Griffin.... Luke Faulk - QB - Wash. St. Mike White - QB - Western Kentucky Jaleel Scott - WR - New Mexico St. Auden Tate - WR - Florida St. Troy Fumagalli - TE - Wisconsin Chris Herndon IV - TE - Miami (FLA) Kalen Ballage - RB - Arizona State Colby Gossett - G - Appalachian St. Tyrell Crosby - RT - Oregon ----My target for the Bengals in Rd. 4 Tim Settle - DT - Virginia Tech Andrew Brown - DT - Virginia Shaquem Griffin - OLB - Central Florida Hercules Mata A'fa - MLB - Washington St. Jordan Whitehead - S - Pittsburgh Troy Apke - S - Penn St. Nick Nelson - CB - Wisconsin ------Hurt his knee in workouts for teams which is pushing his value down expect him to go in the 5th. Holton Hill - CB - Texas 2018 NFL Draft Value Chart.xlsx
  18. Rd. 3 78&79

    Both good if unspectacular players need to address the offense.
  19. The O-Line Roster

    The grades for all three top Center s were very close...couldn't go wrong with any of the three...we will see if I was correct in my assessment that waiting til the second for the Center was correct if Daniels is gone by pick 5 in the second then I was wrong, if not then I was likely right.
  20. Draft Documentation

    Yeah, if you look at the chart there is an * next to his name, the heart condition (irregular heart beat) was supposed to have been cleared by NFL doctors in the second combine med check.
  21. The O-Line Roster

    Dim, try the NFL Draft section of the Forum, I have posted a bunch of documentation regarding the draft, you may find what you need there
  22. Draft Documentation

    Here is the list of best players available based upon my projections. 10: Maurice Hurst 14: Josh Jackson 15: Harold Landry 18: Will Hernandez 22: Darius Guice 23: Mason Rudolph 30: James Daniels 31: Isaiah Oliver All in all I was pretty close with my first round projections, there are only two great reaches based upon my projection which were Kolton Miller who went #15 to Oakland (worst pick of the round IMHO) and the Steelers incomprehensible selection of Terrell Edmunds (I seriously wonder if they thought they were drafting his brother...) both players I had graded in the third round. Kolton Miller might be my least favorite prospect in this draft (he or Arden Key from LSU). Here is the Draft Chart with strikethroughs. I would seriously consider leverage my second third rounder to trade up to the top 5 in the second to get Hernandez, he is one of the very few immediate impact players left and I don't believe he will make it past the Bears selection @ #39. 2018 NFL Draft Value Chart.xlsx
  23. The O-Line Roster

    Hopefully Wynn or Hernandez drops, I doubt it....look for TE at 46
  24. Draft Documentation

    Price, massive upgrade to Bodine, position flexibility but I maintain that either he or Daniels would have been there at 46