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  2. Offensive Line

    If I am running the show, I put Hopkins at OC (he's proven his best spot is OC) and move Billy to OLG (he has tons of G experience), but if Hopkins goes down Billy moves to OC and Westerman takes the OLG spot OLT is Cordy til he goes down - and he will - and then a clusterf*ck for the remainder of the season. They may as well put my dead gramma there at that point ORG is the new guy from Buffalo ORT is a clusterf*ck no matter who they put there. They should give camp snaps to every damn remaining lineman on the roster there until someone not named Hart shows he can play it at merely a subpar rather than gawdawful level, given that subpar is a huge improvement over Hart TLDR: I feel very, very sorry for Mr Dalton, especially for his ligaments and bones.
  3. Fantasy Football 2019

    The Screaming Weasels will be back to defend the title. ArmyBengal Jr. is also in of course.
  4. Offensive Line

    That's what I'm bummed about. This team sucks anyway, so now it just sucks a bit more. It really puts Taylor behind the eight ball though and I don't see any way he can be blamed for it. He'll face some serious adversity from Day One this season. We'll see what he is able to do.
  5. Fantasy Football 2019

    Anyone planning on running a FFL for 2019? If so, I'm in.
  6. All Hat No Cattle Stadium?

    Wished that they would call it Landry Stadium to remember the late beloved coach.
  7. Offensive Line

    Double whammy, not sure how a team isn't aware of this sooner, but who knows. The Zac Shula era is off to a great start!
  8. Offensive Line

    Nothing to see here. They have this covered as well. Going to be a great season. Call now to get your season tickets.
  9. Offensive Line

    I wonder what his playing status was? He had 1 year left in his deal worth $5.7m. I hope he is able to enjoy retirement. Saves Bengals $5.2m in cap room.
  10. Offensive Line

    Holy shit. We are completely screwed now. We were going to suck with Boling and our first rounder. Now we don’t even have either of them. The only beneficiary of this catastrophe is the CTE Center at Boston University. They have the largest CTE brain bank in the world, and are likely this very minute drafting a very polite letter to Andy Dalton inquiring about the possibility of a posthumous donation.
  11. Offensive Line

    Oh this o-line.......yikes! I hope Boling well in his retirement
  12. Offensive Line

    Boling done for good, retires from football. https://www.bengals.com/news/family-no-1-concern-as-boling-retires
  13. All Hat No Cattle Stadium?

    I'm just amazed a post by HaironFire, oh how I remember that guy.
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  15. Ready for July Fireworks

  16. All Hat No Cattle Stadium?

    Double post.
  17. All Hat No Cattle Stadium?

    Incredibly insightful post written by me regarding recent stadium improvements below: /REDACTED/
  18. Happy 4th of July Bengalszone !!!

    So glad we kicked England’s ass out of the US. No one can make me join any particular church or any political party. I get to say what I want. We don’t have a king or queen, everyone here is equal in the eyes of the law. Don’t ever bow down to anyone, you’re an American. (getting pumped to go to the fireworks tonight)
  19. Offensive Line

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope to see what Zac is capable of doing with the roster and will always be hoping. I just have zero thoughts of this being a .500 team considering the O-line and linebacking corps. Zac needs more drafts and luck.
  20. Offensive Line

    Maybe Zac can install a scheme that doesn’t need good o-line play. Just kidding, we’re doomed.
  21. Happy 4th of July Bengalszone !!!

    Everyone enjoy this day!
  22. Happy 4th of July Bengalszone !!!

    Happy 4th everyone
  23. Hope everyone enjoys the day !!!
  24. Offensive Line

    2019 will be no different
  25. Offensive Line

    O-Line and LB groups are ones that need to be beefing up. No wonder the team can't get over the playoff hump loss.
  26. Offensive Line

    and oline
  27. Offensive Line

    That’s what it feels like. We’ve seen this strategy fail before. Underperforming position group gets a couple guys changed out using cast-offs or barely mid level free agents. Maybe a new position coach. Then the season rolls around and it’s no better. Linebacker group comes to mind.
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