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Bengals gear still in demand


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Well out here in Arizona, the situation finding Bengals stuff is as pathetic as the Cardinals were playing games. (Neil Rackers aside.)

Just before the playoffs began, I went to the local mall outlet store that sells mass quanities of sports wear and other gear for all pro and college sports teams to see if I could score at least a new cap if not a Palmer or Thurman jersey. After 15 minutes of finding zilch as far as Bengals, I decided to ask where the hell they hid it.

The guy goes "The Bengals? Oh yeah, it's all over here. By "all" he meant 3 generic black t-shirts with Cincinnati Bengals and Bengal Tiger head logo. I said that's IT!?! You've got a ton of untouched Vikings, Raiders, Bucanneers, Browns, Titans stuff. You must have sold out all your Bengals gear. He confirmed that all 12 Bengals jerseys (#9 & #85 only) he recieved just before the NFL's 1st pre-season games kicked off went fast.

That's when I lost it. :blowup2: There was easily twice that many Texans jerseys still on the rack, and I don't even want to think about the huge number of Cleveland's still hanging there. I said "Are you NUTS!?! You ordered only 12!?! Do you follow NFL football in the least!?! How many Browns jerseys do you sell in a month?" and he admitted he couldn't remember the last time anything from the Browns was sold. Or the Texans for that matter!" :rant:

He then muttered something like he didn't expect the Bengals to be any better, sure didn't think they'd make the playoffs, definitely surprised him, thought hell would open an ice skating rink first, blah, blah, blah... :rolleyes:

On the bright side, the anger management courses taken years ago seemed to pay off a bit. After coming to grips with the fact I wasn't going to score a damn thing new, I calmed down, and he assured me he would be stocked much better in Bengals wear before next season.

In the mean time I'm stuck with Terry's/B24's link on Bengalszones home page, or eBay. I don't know how most other people feel about buying apparell online. I still prefer having the item in hand so I can see for sure what I'm getting and it's real size rather than ordering from pictures and discriptions. I'M not worried about returns, it's just the disappointment you feel when it isn't exactly like you wanted, not to mention the time wasted and aggravation involved in sending it back.

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