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If we Drafted Ko


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Nope, can't say I would, Kazzy. I think we'll draft two or three defensive backs in all, but I doubt they'll come in the first two rounds at the exact same position. I also doubt Bing will be available when we pick in the second.

Yo! Hit the nail on the head.

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Reason I was thinking about it depending on ko and bings coerage skill might be intresting have all 3 in there @ once :P try confuse em whos gonna do what etc :P but then again would have pass on TE/DT which would be more of a need

It would certainly be an interesting formation to include a third safety. If any coaches were to decide to employ that idea, I'd assume they'd just throw one of their backup defensive backs out there, rather than worry about drafting two good ones.

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i think that the bengals are going to draft a DT first because donte whitner has a good chance of still being there in the second round, but if we get either whitner or simpson i will be happy. i am not really sold on darnell bing yet but i will wait untill the combines are over to judge him.

WHO DEY :bengal:

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