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Super Bowl


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I don't know about any one else but I for one will be soooooooo glad when the Super Bowl is over.

I'm tired of hearing all about the Squeelers being a team of destiny and how a number 6 seed made it to the big game and how they have done this and that. If it wasn't for Kimo Van Cheapshotter we wouldn't be talking about these A$$holes right now. Thoughts?

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I wonder if Joey Porter thinks the refs are cheating....

i am sure the little punk ass thug will still say the refs cheated even if they win i can hear is quote now: "aww man it was crazy out there, no one gave us a chance, we were under dogs from the start, it was like a home game for seattle out there, and don't get me started on those refs, they just have something against us, i think the nfl needs to launch an internal investagation into them, and jesus the rolling stones were pumping extra crowd noise into the stadium trying to screw up our offense, everyone just needs to get off us"

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"They can have the AFC North championship. We’ll take this one."

- James Farrior, world champion

I absolutely hated that the Steelers were going to the Super Bowl. I avoided all extraneous press coverage of the thing, avoided the worthless media day crap, the endless Bettis canonization, the pre-game hype marathon, etc. And once the game was on, I paid only enough attention to see that the Seahawks were blowing their chance to get us a little revenge.

And after the game, I was bummed. I saw a guy wearing a Hines Ward jersey at Barnes & Noble and gave him the worst dirty look I could muster.

But now, two days later, it occurs to me. This is a good thing. For one very simple reason...

It would have been easy for the Bengals to rest on the accomplishment of winning the division. The Steelers, or the Browns, or the Ravens could have come into town in the early weeks of the season and caught a young team not accustomed to being the favorite. And they would've beat us convincingly.

But now, that won't happen.

Congratulations Steelers. I mean it. Really.

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i think that it was a great game

Okay then, we will add you to all the others who thought that too. Up until now, they were exclusively Steeler fans. All fans from all other teams in the NFL ain't so sure it was great. They (myself included) thought is was pathetic.

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