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Interesting tid bit about FA corner


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I was reading a story on the net and I came across this tidbit on a page about the Eagles.

Bobby Taylor, is rumored to be heading to Cincinnati;...

Have I missed something? I hadn't heard this one at all....I mean it makes sense....But completely under my radar...Maybe I should stop surfing so much at work ;)

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Same rumor was floating around another NFL site. I think they have a legit shot at landing either Taylor or Vincent this offseason. Both were not franchised, and there has been a falling out with Taylors agent and the Eagles. Who do you draft in the first and second if they do end up getting Taylor? I like Williams or Vilma in the first to fill other LB position. Second round I like Sean Jones to play FS. Resign Beckett and you would have a starting secondary that would have an average height over 6-2.


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Here's another tidbit from the Ravens website. With their star RB in legal purgatory, they now have been discussing the possibility of picking up Corey Dillon in the Free Agent Market! :blink:

That my friends is why the Bengals simply won't cut Dillon....He could end up as a Raven, or a steeler and nothing to show for it except having to play a pissed off star rb twice a year....if there is no trade Dillon stays...

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