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Peter Jackson's King Kong


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For any resident movie buffs...

Thanks to a friend of mine I got one of many tickets to the world premiere of Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong in NYC last night. No, I didn't get to go to the "cool" premiere (you know, with the actors and director and red carpet and all that Hollywood Tonight crap) -- that was in the Lowes theater across the street. For us peons they rented out the place across the way, a 10-story affair with a butt-load of screens (I was in theater 21, for chrissakes!). But popcorn and soda were free so it isn't like I can complain.

Movie opens the 14th, I believe. Definitely worth a view. I was a monster movie fan as a kid, tho my tastes ran more toward Godzilla vs. KK. But the 1933 original is a great movie (the 1976 remake sucked giant ape balls). Jackson does a bang-up job, tho in the tradition of his Rings films this one is a longie. Clocks in at 3 friggin hours. First hour is all setup in NY and getting the ship off to Skull Island. Second hour --by far the highlight of the film -- is the most kick-ass Skull Island romp you can imagine. Take one part splatter flick, one part horror movie, and one part monster mash, mix well, and drink deep. Third hour is back in NY. Great special effects but really anti-climactic after the Skull Island stuff.

Great performances by all the actors. Sequel, Son of Kong, already underway (basic premise: son of Kong vs. the Nazis. Sounds lame but WTF I guess when you are Peter Jackson you can do what you want, eh?)

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(basic premise: son of Kong vs. the Nazis. Sounds lame but WTF I guess when you are Peter Jackson you can do what you want, eh?)

That was April Fools Day joke wasn't it?

Apparently. OTOH maybe throwing in a few Nazis wasn't a bad idea...just remaking the original appears to be meeting with lukewarn results at the box office so far...

I think redsbengalsbucks hit the nail on the head: too long. If I were actually paying to see this, my strategy would be:

Arrive 30-40 minutes late, you haven't missed anything and there's still 15-20 minutes before the damn boat gets to the island, so you have time to grab some popcorn.

Watch until Kong gets captured (about an hour)

Make sure you have your ticket stub. Go out of the theater to your car, crack open that Bud you threw in the back seat, light up a smoke, check the news on the radio, messages on your cell phone, etc. Kill 20 minutes. Go back in & catch the final biplanes v. Kong sequence.

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