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That would be the icing for me. Ever since the completion of the first year for Cowher (no lie ... the very first year!), I began telling friends and coworkers up here in Pittsburgh that he may very well get wins, but I doubt a 'great motivator' will ever win a championship. He has surely come close, but the basis for my annual argument continue to be proven on the field. Motivation surely works well in the regular season, and especially in prime time. What do you know, that's when he has consistently won. But then in the playoffs, and especially on the road in the playoffs, he has fallen well short. He is 1-4 in AFC Chamionship games (with the lone win almost failing on the hail-mary), and 0-4 on the road in the playoffs. A true great COACH would win these.

Unfortunately, I do think if he hangs around long enough, well, even a blind squirrel gets a nut, right?

But Lewis is different. I suspect he is a motivator, but he sure seems to 'manage the game' more than Cowher. He seems controlled during interviews, etc. I have never seen him 'intimidate' reporters, etc. This is what happens with Cowher.

Can you recall a 'great motivator' that has won? The only real good example that comes to my mind is Gruden, and he arguably had Dungy's team. When I think of SuperBowls, I think of folks like Walsh and Noll, etc. Heck, even though he didn't win, I also think of Levy. Do you think Marvin is more like these guys than Cowher. No doubt about it!

I see us winning before them. And that, fellow Bengal fans, might very well implode this ugly city.

In Marvin We Trust. No spit. No jaw. Just X's. Just O's.

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Marvin Lewis ADMIRES Bill Cowhers coaching abilities as I do. It started back when Marvin was a linebacker coach back in the day. Even though Bill has this hateful grimace on his face, his players love and respect him, same as our players do with Coach Lewis.

Don't let the rivalry between our two teams cloud the reality that BOTH are damn good head coaches. IMO, no other coach could have gotten a 15-1 season out of Pittsburghs personnel last season. That aside, I DO love beating him and his team at home, because you know you've done something many teams have tried and failed to do.

Yesterdays win was not so much a changing of the guard for me as it was letting the other guard know he's not alone at the top, and they're going to have some company for the forseeable future. They'll be easy to recognize...they'll be wearing stripes! :bengal:

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