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Chad's Assault On Curtis And Pickens' Bengals Records


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Going into Week 12, 2005 at the Steelers:


Chad's # of receptions: 348

Bengals' Leader (Pickens): 530

Chad should reach Darnay Scott at 4th all-time soon when he gets 386

Then he'll need to get to 416 to tie Curtis for 3rd, 417 for Collinsworth in 2nd. Should certainly come next year barring injury.


Chad's # of TD Receptions: 32

Bengals' Leader (Pickens): 63 (wow)

Chad should tie Rodney Holman for 5th place all-time when he gets to 34 this year, and get into 3rd next year to tie Eddie Brown when he gets 41 TD's. Then it's a matter of vaulting Isaac Curtis who has 53 TD's, and then Pickens with 63.


Chad's # of receiving yards: 5209

Bengals' Leader (Curtis): 7101 (or if you go by pro-football-reference.com, Pickens is the leader with 7129)

Collinsworth is close with 6698, so in 3 years he should break that record as well.

Chad is 6th all-time in this category.


So if Chad equals Pickens 8 year career here with 3 more seasons, he could quite possibly break every notable all-time Bengals' receiving record, with Pickerns illustrious 63 career TD catches being the most elusive/prized. Yards and reception records, in 3 seasons with Palmer, should be no problem.

I was actually suprised to see Chad so far down the list, no better than 5th in any of the 3 categories after five seasons. I hope Chad remembers that at some point, he's got a-ways to go to be the best - expect to see a Curtis' over-the-back spike when he ties his TD record.

So, I guess we will see if Chad is the best Bengals' WR ever in 3 years, and by then may be looking at how Palmer compares to Boomer, and then Anderson, pending the length of his career.

Rudi will pop into the top 3-4 RB spots also, could be #2 all-time at least, by the time he's done.

With this kind of talent, you'd think good things are going to happen eventually, and they already are to an extent. Sunday will certainly show how ready they are for the big time, or not.


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