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Houshmanzadah is coming up next on Rome.


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I think Housh might be a real difference maker from the first game with the Steelers. I know he was back, but it was his first game. I just cannot imagine how the Steelers can handle our 3 wide-out sets, when both CJ and Housh are healthy now.

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He talked about getting a hot dog and a coke after scoring a TD in junior college from the concession stand.

And he talked about how he wasn't into celebrating TD's (not his style). Never has been, even at Oregon St. with Chad.

He also said he isn't into being chummy with opposing players during the game, not until afterwards etc..., etc..,

He was really short with Rome and it was nothing elaborate or interesting, just jock talk. TJ's usually more talkative and relaxed with Lance here in town. Both he and Landon are into doing talk show appearances and are good at it.

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