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TO gone, done, finished, thank god


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Am I the only one who likes TO? I think so, but there's no doubt in my mind that behind Randy Moss he's the best receiver in the league.

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I just hope we dont have a T.O in the making!!!!! :blink:


When T.O. was just blossoming into his career, he loved to get media attention with creative and shocking touchdown celebrations, and wanted above all else to be the very best in the game at his job.

Wait... :unsure:

T.O. is a piece of crap. Your boy may talk a lot of smack, but I don't think he's whined about a contract he signed ten minutes ago, has he?

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I am surprised by the ruling. Has anyone seen the entire document (it's 30+ pages) on the net?

It's available in a couple places, including profootballtalk.com. Here's a text-only version...

Thanks Joisey :sure:

After Rieding the whole report, I must say that it was a very easy decision to make. TO's side was basically a bunch of air. If you have the time it's a good Ried. :lol:

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