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Daphney the Ben-Gal


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well beyond the obvious physical desirability....basing some of this on her bio...I gotta say....

Marriage is nothing short of having your nuts cut from your scrotum without anesthesia and having them placed in a jar that your wife keeps on her bedside table.

Just kidding. Of course she might be worth a quick roll in the hay! But tying the knot?????

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You know BengalBy the Bay. A Butter face, where everything looks good butter face

I'll tell you my philosophy jditty. Beginning of the night, your at a bar and your still pretty sober. My philosophy is you start out shooting for the fences, pick the hottest girl in there. As the night goes on and the beer starts flowing you just keep going untill you hit your home run. If the nights about to end and your still by yourself, take a shot of something hard and grab the clostest girl to you that has a pulse.

Basically, if you get one early, you feel good about yourself and you get a hot piece of ass. If it gets late night, at least you have a good buzz and every girl looks good with a good buzz, so your happy anyways(at least until you wake up)

Anyways, I'm sober at work and in that pic she looks like a drag queen in the face. :sure:

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She looks good, but I think its a bad pic. Makes her look like a butter face.

"Butter????" I hardly even know her.

Thank you, thank you. Please tip your waitress.

Haha you never heard that everythings good on a girl but her (butter) face.

Pretty great.

Yea, she does seem to be a butter in that pic, but she was looking pretty fine at gametime when Chad popped the question.

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