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Bengals not ready


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They are way overmatched today, 28 pts already? WOW! Our D SUCKS!

Well any defense in the league right now would have some trouble defending against Indy's attack, but the point is, if the Bengals lose this one, it rides squarely upon the defense. Granted, they did play well at times up until now, a marked improvement from last season, but it's so evident on which side of the ball most of the Bengals "suckage" resides on.

There HAS to be more pressure on Manning! We cannot allow him to sit back there and "la-de-da" around until he finds a suitable open reciever. Especially on 3rd f**king down! The defense has to step up and make some stops once in a while, or this game is OVER! Allowing a score every drive is absolute bulls**t!

So much for Marvin being some defensive "Guru!" He and Bresnahan better go in to the locker room at half time and pull their collective heads of their ass, because the defensive plan they put together for the past two freakin' weeks sure is hell ain't working! :angry:

Grade so far:

Offense: A-

Defense: D

Special Teams: B-

Coaching: F

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there was some questionable call by our coaches and bye the referees . but we were right there with the best team in the leauge. i hate to try to take anything from a loss but we are a pretty damn good team our selfs . we will be in the playoffs . i hate to lose as bad as the next guy but what do you do. with the squeelers loss this dose'nt hurt us that bad . these loses will only make a very good young team better . and please marvin get us some d/tackles that can keep these o-linemen off our l/b's . we got the ravens at home and the squeelers have to go to indy so next week we will be all alone in first place .GO BENGALS

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The offense is definitely ready to skin hide from here on out.

It was good to hear Phil Simms say the most impressive thing he had seen all season was the performance by the Bengals O-line. They were effing awesome from start to finish.

Levi Jones got some help several times from Steinbach on Freeney, and Big Willie was a shut down mojo up right until the end. All of them dudes were a force today.

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