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Playoff Tickets!


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I can't believe that no one has brought up the fact that playoff ticket order forms were sent out to all of the season ticket holders this week. I received mine yesterday. They are for a total of two games per season ticket owned and appear to be roughly double the price of the regular season tickets.

There is also an order form for ordering extra tickets. You are entitled to a certain number of extra tickets depending on how many season tickets you have.

Unlike 2003, I think we make it and I plan on going to at least one game.

WHO Dey!


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i plan on being at both games. i think i will be buying 2 extra seats to pack some mopre orange and black in there.

Hopefully we get both games here. I meant that we may only get one game here. If we play both here then that would be even better.

I would love to play the Steelers in the playoffs. It would be really sweet to knock them out. What is Cowher's playoff record anyway?

A possible road trip to Indy in late January would be awsome too!

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Hate to say it, but right now i think we might be hitting the road. We have to beat Pitt to stay at home. Good luck to you all, and leave some tickets for the fans who only got 2 game packs :D

I think we'll open up the post season at New England......best wild card record vs. worst divisional champ. Let's face it's going to be tough to win at pitt. Not saying it can't be done but it will be difficult.

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only way we get both games here is if, we are the #1 or 2 seed.

or were the 3,4 and we win the 1st game then beat the higher seed on the road and the higher seed loses so we don't have to play them.

we'll probably get 1 game.

so the bengals will be giving us half our money back. :)

btw if were the #5 seed and the #6 seeds wins out, the afc championship goes through cincinnati. that would be pimp, jags vs bengals.

anyways i sent mine in already, didn't get an extra ticket order form though...f**kers.

anyways i'm hoping for 1 game cause that's $107 less i have to spend in detroit.

if the bengals play at the rca dome, I'll be there, if they play in pitt I'll be there.

1st bengals playoff game in 15 years is priceless even if we lose.

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