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Best Football Movie Ever..?


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That Speech that Al Pacino gives about the "INCH" right before that playoff game had me ready to punch Ray Lewis square in the mouth ,then go looking to take a bite out of Tyson. :D

Funny, but tequila has that same effect on me!! Instant a**h*** in a bottle! My favorite tequila? Cabo Wabo! Bottled by the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar himself! My second favorite? Hornito's. Viagra should have such a cool name for marketing!! :lol:

I don't know why "Any Given Sunday" escaped my memory. I gotta go out and rent it now. B)

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The next time I hear a coach say " i had no idea ,that those type of things were going on " will probably be followed by said coach dying from a self inflicted gun shot wound.

Secondly...If my daughter ever asked me, Daddy Can I play football, I'm going to tell her NO. I don't care what level it is, from pee-wee, to college...It ain't gonna happen..

Thirdly ....Gary Barnett isn't completely to blame for that situation....I would have to assume that someone over him, told him to let that girl on the team because of Title 9, however, when he stated during that press conferene that Hnida'... wasn't good enough ( top 5 kickers ) to be invited back probably really meant that she wasn't one of the top 5 when she first tried out as well.

Title 9 or not, coaches need to step up and say I don't care if you're woman,man or frog people from planet X... if you can't play , you won't make the team.

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Here is my top ten:

1. Rudy

2. The Program

3. The Longest Yard

4. Remember the Titans

5. The Waterboy

6. Varsity Blues

7. Jerry Maguire

8. North Dallas Forty

9. Brian's Song

10. The Replacements

Honorable Mention:

Unnecessary Roughness

Black Sunday

The Last Boy Scout

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