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Colts vs. Bengals


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1: Our offense has to take control of the game. If we do this we keep Manning off the field. Most people are saying that Freeney is going to take over the game but don't forget that we have Levi, which will be well rested. He has done very good against everyone this year. Biggest key matchup is Levi vs. Freeney.

2: The crowd has to be on thier feet the whole time when our D is on the field. Manning will have a hard time calling plays at the line if the crowd doesn't let up. If our offense has T.O.P won, then the crowd will help the defense every single play and hurt Manning play calling. Biggest key matchup is crowd noise vs. Manning.

3: The defense will have to bend and not break just like they have done all year long. I think everyone knows at this point that our starting linebackers should be Landon, Odell, and Simmons. They are the best fit in covering the TE and stopping the run. The Edge could have a very big game if they control T.O.P. James and O'Neal will have to have big games but they will have help from the safety's quite at bit. Ratliff will have to have the biggest game of his career because I think he will have the least help. Biggest key matchup is Ratliff vs. Stokley.

4: Special teams are going to have to play like they have been with the exception of Kyle Larson. Larson will have to be very focused this week about getting his good foot on the ball like he has the capability of doing.

Sorry for the long post but my friends from Indy are killing me and I just need to get everything off my chest.

If I left anything out please feel free to speak.

Oh yeah Who Dey

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Nice post Blaynero, agreed on all points, except your two key matchups. I think on offense the biggest matchup will be T.J. against Doss/Sanders. Both are excellent safties in pass coverage, and I am concerned he will be held in check. We will need big games from Chad and/or Henry, and I like their matchups.

On defense, I think the key matchup is Odell versus Edgerrin James. The Edge is one of the best cutbackers in the league, so Odell won't have much room for rookie overpursuit.

Once again, to all those attending.... BE LOUD!

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I don't think Levi can handle Freeney alone. I see a lot of two TE sets. The two keys to success on offense:

1) R-U-D-I - Try to control the clock and limit Peyton touches. I was impressed with how he ran against Baltimore.

2) TJ - Housh. always seems to come up big against good defenses.

As far as defense, I agree that Odell will have to have a great game.

Under ML, the Bengals seem to return from the bye week as a better team. I hope that holds true this year.

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I don't think Levi can handle Freeney alone. I see a lot of two TE sets. The two keys to success on offense

I don't think any tackle could consitently hold Freeney in check. He is the biggest reason the Colts defense has been improved this year. The best way to play them is to run between the tackles and to open up the offense, but his presence changes everything. Teams have to use those two TE sets as you mentioned, and that leaves one less receiver on the field, so opening the offense is a lot tougher. Running the ball still works pretty well, but nobody wants to be one dimensional.

I think the teams that match up the best with the Colts are those with a power running game and/or a very good pass catching tight end. This is one reason teams like the Chiefs, Chargers, and Patriots have been able to move the ball on them in recent years. Having that tight end does well to lessen Freeney's effectiveness, because it allows for big plays in the passing game without needing that extra receiver.

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