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I think Geathers is getting the old sophomore slump. Teams are clued in on his talents now, and he is getting nowhere because he is getting double teamed. I expect him to improve as the season wears on, and we will need it. We have given up big runs to the outside, specifically those that Geathers has failed to contain.

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Geathers is a little too small and doesn't have the moves or quite the quickness that a small end like Dwight Freeney has...therefore he's just getting washed out by offensive tackles. He was great as a situational pass rusher last season, but right now that's about all he's suited for.

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Geathers is only marginally bigger than Freeney - just not as talented (difference of 10-12 pounds and 2 inches in heigth). I think they can be used similarly and are similar players in style, but Geathers just isn't getting any support around him either.

I really think Geathers was a great find and can be very good if used properly.

I am really starting to think, after watching tapes of the defense, that these guys are simply not being coached, prepared or developed properly.

They play stupid upfront, always susceptible to reverses and screens, they overpursue and follow fakes too easily - the entire d-line and LB's - all of them.

Robinson and Thorton continually get pancaked and pushed out of the play on stunts and blitzes and against the run.

Simmons and Johnson and Odell play a deep zone and it's almost as if they're being coached to not give up a big play and keep people in front of them. Meanwhile Rb's get 5-7 yards a carry before they're even touched.

Odell is the only player to occassionally break that mold and step up and fill a hole or make a hit and tackle properly.

Justin Smith looks absolutely awful this year and is doing is usual "almost got there" routine more often than not.

LB's aren't stepping up and filling lanes, DT's are getting pushed back and smothered, DE's are getting fooled easily and taken out of plays too often without making up for it with any production outside of chasing someone 10 yards downfield and making a tackle.

I'd like to see Justin Smith save his energy and just contain and rush the QB for once. The OLB's should be making a lot of those downfield tackles.

I really think the problems we are seeing are bad coaching and preparation and development. Sure there's a talent issue at spots, but they are not THIS bad!

Bad tackling, lack of discipline, not shedding blockers properly or getting to the ball carrier sooner, lack of QB sacks (has to be scheme) etc...,

People are so quick to grease Marvin's rectum in this city they are afraid to criticize anyone on the coaching staff.

Simply put, Marvin's coaching staff and himself, need to do a better job of preparing and coaching up his defense upfront, they are an absolute, clueless mess right now.

I hope that changes like it did the 2nd half of last season.

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What's happened to Geathers? In the off-season I thought this could be his breakout year but until now his season is disappointing at best. I'm still confident about winning the division but the D-line has to improve

NF. Non-factor. So much for having Justin Smith and Geathers switch sides. I know it's only been seven games but I would propose having Clemons start and let Geathers come in later.

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