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Valentine's Day Gift Idea


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I think that should cover a couple of years... but knowing women, it probably won't. <_<

Well after checking out this link on diamonds...


maybe it will be worth it anyway!

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Man, the only way to pull of the perfect Valentines Day is too (kiss their entire butt) both with the wallet and the emotion.

I'm talking presents,(jewelry or more), flowers(that's roses to all you cheap guys out there),candy,(russell stovers and up),romantic dinner,(no white castle), movie,(has to be something mushy that we as men would only watch with them on an anniversary or VD.

and then of course,,, you got's to beat the "cooty " up till their bowlegged and stuttering..

p.s....If Momma in Law , doesn't have anyone, you got to take her out with the daughter as well.........

What was James Brown thinking even titleing that song "this is a mans' world".......

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