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Beast Wars for Week 6


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  1. 1. Who wins in a fight?

    • Thundercats
    • Teen Titans

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I have to go with the TT's. I think the Cats can hold off Raven, Robin, Cyborg and Starfire, but all Beast Boy has to do is turn into a Bengal and create a standoff.

O.K., I need help. In my defense my daughter loves that show and it is pretty much on in my house 24/7.

It is amazing how our children influence our TV viewing. Sorry to here the your daughter has hidden your remote. Does it have a beaper? :huh:

I voted for the Thundercats. I have never seen it so you can see how well informed my decision is. :huh::huh:

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Whatever... you went at it this way because it is the only way the tiger would win. To Quote Denzel Washington in "Remember the Titans" Titans ruled their universe with absolute power. There is no way a tiger would win this battle.

Thankfully, this is football... not clash of the mascots. So... Bengals win.

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Hmmm...tough one...take it character by character...

Snarf v. Beast Boy. BB should win easy but gets all ticked off over being matched up against a cowardly alien puddy-tat and screws up somehow. Snarf wins.

Tigra v. Robin. Easy. Everybody beats Tigra. Male version of a damel in distress for this show. Robin wins.

Cheetara v. Starfire. Starfire has the cool starbolts but as any fan of the show knows can't hit anything wth them, and nothing hits Cheetara anyhow. Cheetara whaps Starfire upside the head with her vaulting pole, wins.

Panthro (in the Thundertank, of course) v. Cyborg. Nothing beats the Thundertank. Panthro.

Lion-o v. Raven. Raven envelops Lion-o in her soul-self; Lion-o whips out the Sword of Omens, summons the Eye of Thunderra, shatters the darkness. However, he then feels the need to deliver a lame moralistic message (required of all shows of this type to 'prove" they weren''t just 1/2 hour commercials for a line of toys) and drowns under an ocean of vomit retched up by the audience. Raven wins by default.

Final score Thundercats 3, Teen Titans 2. :lol:

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