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Roll over the Texans?


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I was one on this board to claim we'd be easy twenty point winners today, and that this game had little makings to be a trap game. I proved wrong on both points, and those Texans are deserving of a handshake or two. All of you that called this a game to watch for, pat yourselves on the pack! :sure:

It feels good to get the win, no matter how it came, so don't get me wrong on that point.

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20 points is probably overdoing it, but the Bengals cost themselves easily 7 points with dumb penalties. Game ought to have been 23-10 at least. Like billy noted elsewhere, this is a game the old Bengals lose. They had to beat two teams today, the Texans and themselves. I think Marvin will get these problems fixed; I only hope that the injury bug that bit the Bengals' butt last season isn't striking again...

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