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Where will the Bengals be ranked?


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After this lopsided win in Chicago, the Bengals could be in position to move near the top of various power rankings. Those who have been ranked above the Bengals include the Colts (probably will be number one), the Chiefs (all depends on the Monday night game), the Patriots (barely pulled out a win), the Steelers (they lost, with a poor performance by Big Ben and the defense), and the Eagles (barely beat the Raiders).

With all the above being true, I don't think it would be wrong of the "experts" to put us as high as 3 or 4 in this week's power rankings.

Who Dey! :bengal:

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Colts - media is enamored with their defense ..... they stay here till they lose.

Pats - Win over a tough Steelers team was impressive enough to move them to the #2 spot.

Eagles - Same basic scenario as the Pats.

Steelers - They drop due to the loss, but only to #4 .... #3 with the Eagles at #4 won't shock me either

Chiefs - Like everyone says IF they win.

Bucs - Media loves the defense ala Colts ..... Bucs and Chiefs trade spots if Chiefs lose.

Bengals - Solid win over the Bears, here comes the ever present but .... But the Bears don't have enough offense to make this a win that moves us up in the rankings. We stay at #7 .... which is pretty dam far from the 23's and 18's that we've been used to.

We could move a little higher, but with the Colts, Pats, Eagles, Chiefs, & Bucs winning and already rated ahead of us I doubt we replace them. Steelers looked tough in a loss .... you could even add the Falcons in there with their win in Buffalo .. who knows?

A win over Texas won't move us up next week either. Beating the Jags on the road .... could ... we'll have to wait and see.

Right now the only ranking I really care about is the one we hold in the AFC North division. I believe that's #1. B)

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FWIW, I see it like this:

1. Indy

2. TB

3. CIN

4. NE

5. ATL-tie

5. PIT-tie

6. PHI

7. JAX

8. MIA

9. SEA

10. KC (will lose to DEN)

Gotta respect the teams that are undefeated, as they also have given up the fewest points.

I agree with you ..... that's the way it should be ..... but after week 2 we were 2 and 0 and ranked behind the Pats, Eagles, & Falcons who were all 1 and 1.

I don't know how or why they rank the way they do ....... Hell, sometimes they contradict themselves when the try to explain why who is ranked where ??????? ;)

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