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So much for .500


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It looks like our Reds will finish with a losing season again this year. We will make it to at least 75 wins, and that is promising. Considering the absolutely abysmal start this team got off to this season, getting so close to .500 is a good thing.

Things are looking up for our Reds, and hopefully, they will take the same path our Bengals are taking to greatness sooner than later.

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The Cincinnati Bengals are 3-0!

The Cincinnati Reds? Well they just BLOW.

Baseball's so over, don't cha' know.

So hop on the bandwagon, it's time to go!

This is your brain: coverboycarson5bf.jpg:sure:

This is your brain on drugs: barry_bonds_2004-12-15.jpg:thumbsdown:

Any questions?

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