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I love Peter King


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Cincinnati (2-0) at Chicago (1-1)

This is more of a vote FOR the Bears than a vote AGAINST the Bengals. The Bears, with the efficient QB Kyle Orton managing the game, can play keep away long enough to give Cincinnati only seven or eight possessions.

Chicago 19, Cincinnati 17

They are 2-0 when this retard picks against them. I will now bet my house on the Bengals. Did Mike Brown spit in his Chili or something? He does not like the Bengals. I am from Detroit, so I know the Lions 1st hand. Their offense is not even half of Cincy's.

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As long as I have been reading Peter King he is more interested in Starbucks and his kids field hockey games, than making good informed NFL decisions....

Case in point, he picked the Vikes for the Super Bowl this year...

And he used to live in Mt. Washington, so I don't know...

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King used to write for the Enquirer (or Post), during the 80's, when Paul Brown banned certain media members from Spinney Field. I know Andy Furman was one of them, and he's had a major burr up his arse since then. I wonder if King wasn't one of the other guys that got banned.

It could explain alot.

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I dreamed last night night that I snuck up to Peter King's house, Kroger carded his front door, like a fat but silent cat slipped into his room...I didn't wake his parents...he was snoring, mouth-opened.

I gently climbed upon his waveless (thank God) water bed, hoisted my bed clothes over my hips and squatted over his face. I deficated so neatly into his mouth it didn't even get on his lips.

And then I woke up.

I found out my dream was true later this morning as I watched my Tivo'd HBO "Inside the NFL" and he was spewing my crap all over Bob Costas.

BTW, this was my first (banned) avatar...


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I don't care if he picks the Bears' at home or doesn't like the Bengals', big deal.

Why does everyone here get upset when a writer isn't lubing up the Bengals' arses? Get over it guys.

For some odd reason, like Big Ben in Pitt, the Bears seem to becoming the media darlings this year - but it will be short-lived.

IF the Bengals' play just like they are capable of every week, they win this game, and they will put Horton and the rest of the joke teams in the NFC north back in their place where they belong, and the stupid media will shut up about anyone from that division having even a remote shot at anything this year.

I still think Minnesota is that division's best team.

Chicago is a short-lived aberration.

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I'm not so much worried about what the writers say, but must say it's a bit irritating to hear them lob praises at Pittsburgh (played Titans and Texans to get to 2-0) and then criticize the Bengals for playing a soft schedule. I know, I know, win games and this will change, but nonetheless, it pisses me off !!!


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