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Thank you Denver


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We should all thank Denver for being dumb enough to give us 2 Pro Bowl CB"s.

How stupid do you have to be to get rid of Tory James and Deltha O'Neal ?

I am thinking of getting on their message boards and thanking them for our CB's

and the Monday night victory . I hate Denver, its not a Pitts. Cleve. Balt. hate, but I hate them.

You're absolutely right. I say we members here at Bengalszone get a big "Thank You" card, address it to:

Mike Shanahan - Executive Vice President of Football Operations/Head Coach /In care of Cindi Lowe - Secretary to Head Coach

and all of us sign it expressing our sincere gratitude. He'd be touched by this I'm sure. ^_^

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Marvin stated in the press conference that Shanarat said Deltha had lost his confidence, hence the falling out. It's funny how Shanarat just gave up on him, as opposed to being a coach, and restoring his confidence like Marvin and the position coaches here have. Lets also include a thank you card for Marvin and the position coaches for doing one hell of a psyche rebuild !!!


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