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Fan Observations from Sunday

Green 66

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I noticed some interesting things about the fans this year over last couple while at the game

1 the fans were confident about the team this year, almost expecting victory in PBS from the team we are fielding.

2 PBS was loud, a Vikes fan stated just inside the gate: "they're alot less nice inside here" this bodes good for the noise level and the intensity of playing in Cincinnati for this year

3 The fans expect Marvin and the Team to put on a display of disciplined football, example there were several boos for chad over dropped passes, and the numerous penalties especially the dead ball flags

4 I unfortunately sat infront of a Pittsburg fan yesterday who was hitting on the girl beside him the whole time like a badly written hollywood creepy old guy and beside a guy that is a fan of both the bengals and big bad ben. It the steeler fan was completely overconfident that the Steelers are going to walk into the superbowl. i heard after every Palmer throw that Palmer was not the real deal big bad Ben was. the Rothlesburger fan beside me said that as good as the steelers QB is, he would be there in PBS against him for the bengals and that the DUMAS in the next row was full of it Palmer was the man. All I want to add is that I think ill go the Ohio next weekend look for nice flat river stones, about an ounce in weight. Big Orange you following me here, wanna join? I would love to see marvin issue every man on the roster said river stone this season especially before the Pittsburg game. :player:

these are just a few observations I had yesterday anyone else get a different read of the fans?

Mike Green

Waynesville Ohio

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I think he was cheering for the bengals as well but loved pittsburgh.

How the hell is that possible?

How the hell is it possible to show so very much pretty cleavage, but absolutely zero nipple? Not even a sliver!

About the "Bengals fan," he just sounds like a loon. There's no such thing as a Bengals fan that roots for Pittsburgh. It makes no sense, no matter how you spin it.

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