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Early congrats


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Well I don't know what that was today but it sure as hell wasn't professional football, on the Vikings part. It looks more like a tragic comedy, where you want to cry and laugh at the same time.

Anyway congrats Bengals fans. In my mind I saw this being a close game...yeah, so much for that. The Bengals just dominated this game from the start, in every way. But you guys should have a great season and you deserve it after sticking with a team that struggled for so long. THe Bengals should be a serious contender for at least an AFC wild card spot, maybe more. To be honest I'd rather see them in the playoffs than the Steelers or Ravens, but we'll see.

Good luck the rest of the season...even though we'll need it more than you.

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Early congrats, I'm watching baseball now

:blink: You're watching BASEBALL!?!? With all the excitement of the NFL games and even Nascar on TV!?! :wacko:

You are a prime canidate for subscription to the "Watching Water Boil, Paint Dry, and Grass Grow Channel!" :lol:

I too used to like the "Boy's of Summer." Now their nothin' but the "Boy's on 'Roids." <_< Eff baseball. :angry:

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I'll add my congrats to the Bengals as well, no complaints from me here as we had our butts handed to us on a plate. We have plenty to go away and work on but take nothing away from your team. You made full use of every opportunity, especially O'Neil who was reading Culpeppers intentions better than our receivers.

I just hope we can pick up wins against your division rivals and help your season that bit more - especially Cleveland as I'm flying out to Minny for that game.

Anyway good luck for the rest of the season guys and gals

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