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How loud will PBS be??


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I hope the stadium is rocking Sunday. I was trying to thing of some of the loudest games of the last few years. The 2 night games from last year and the K.C. upset are a few recent games that come to mind. I just hope it is loud so Min cant hear the audibles and maybe we can make them waste some TO's and pick up a few false starts. Lets make it loud Bengals fans!!!

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I read on Bengals.com that they are giving out 50,000 orange and black towels at the game. When did we turn into Pittsburgh? I've always thought we did just fine without any "props".

You're a little late on that one. They have gave out the Jungle towels for three seasons now and they've been selling them at the stadium for two seasons. They are sweet when there is 50,000 fans waving them and I'm glad they chose Minnesota as the game to give them out this year. It's going to be crazy there Sunday. WHO-DEY :player:

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