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Cincy's chances at the playoffs...


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Here's a little tidbit on reaching the playoffs... Teams that win their first four games make it to the playoffs 92% of the time....

We need to win the next three for that percentage to kick in..

We have the Vikings at home.. big game ...we're 3 point favorites...i see a win..

Game 3 in Chicago..... We'll be favored their as well... If our defense ever had a chance to tee off against an opponent its the Bears .....

We have to firepower on offense to counter their good D...

Game 4 is Houston at PBS......another team that we should beat... another team that our defense should be able to handle due to their ineffective O-Line...

WE SHOULD win these 4 games.. we'll be favorites in all of them so we only lose if we turn it over and beat ourselves...

4-0....playoffs 92% of the time... It could happen you know!!!!

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There's still an 8 percent chance we wouldn't make it, and that statistic matters for such a young team with ZERO playoff experience.

That said, I'm not trying to be Mr. Negative. If we manage to get to 4-0 (almost a certainty if we get past Minnesota) then we should be able to handle our business the rest of the year.

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