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dont worry about it


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found this on nfl.com

"Crennel has the Bengals coming to town and it will be hard for the Browns to produce the points required to stay with the Cincy passing attack. In the Bengals' last six games of 2004, they went 4-2 and averaged almost 32 points a game. Crennel has to slow it down with a running game on offense and hope his secondary holds up. It might be too much to ask for right now, but the Dec. 11 rematch should be closer."

i know most of us have a tiny voice in our heads saying that the bengals might lose cuz its happened in the past but months ago, we were all hyped up for this year and then crunch time comes, and people are starting to have their doubts!! Get the hell off your asses cuz its time to confidently believe that we're gonna knock cleveland on theirs! WHO-F***IN'-DEY!

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Its not that im real worried but they always start off so bad they always come out like they havent played football before, i can only hope the def. comes to play in the first game not like last year. I was at the opening game last year and man i couldnt watch the def play. So lets hope the def comes out to play, and the offense to.

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Yeah I agree, Marvin's teams have had a reputation for being Jekyl and Hyde from week to week...you don't know what team is going to show up.

I still don't honestly after this preseason....young defense, young QB = inconsistency

If the Bengals go up there and win soundly, that would be huge, but I am not expecting that, a win will be big for their confidence coming home next week against a playoff caliber team (thankfully without Moss).

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Damnit, I can't find a pen...can't I just cut it and paste it...

what if I print it too...

what if I retype it...

Oh, I found a magic marker, damn, it won't work...

I got a highlighter, and it's glow in the dark...I can't hardly read it...

Ahhh, I found a 64 pack of crayola crayons with sharpener...

I like to color, especially Christmas scenes...

I like wine in a box...the pink box

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