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Fins Cut Maurice Mann


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That suprises me. From what limited information I've heard on Mann, the Dolphins had been high on him. I saw the Fins in one preseason ganme, and he played well. I'd think they'd try to put anyone on the field they can to help the quarterbacks, but I suppose they had better talent in camp.

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There was credit card fraud to buy furniture that led to suspension in college.

Then there was his comments about what he was promised by ML, which he went out of his way to make public after he was cut last year.

I'll have to find the links there Steve because as you well know, I'm not quite sure anymore when I'm making stuff up. :lol:

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Here's a link about Mann's comments after he was cut by ML.

I don't believe much of what he had to say.  <_<

Actually, Mann did look good in pre-season w/ Fins. He might get picked up if he is in fact cut.

I am very skeptical Marvin would've ever promised him a roster spot, but since I don't know, I won't comment further on that. Otherwise, it doesn't seem to me like Mann intended any ill will in the Bengals direction with his comments, he was just telling his story, be it true or not.

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Nonsense Joisey. You're getting all polysyllabic on me now. :lol:

I don't see Mann picked up yet and a lot of other good WRs were cut.

I'm thinking you mention Mann here out of a possibility of his return, perhaps?

According to Mann, he's already signed a 4-yr deal but the Bengals have lost the contract and deny the whole deal. :lol:

Seriously, there's a question about back up slot that the Bengals may have to face sometime this year. When Mann came out as a 5th rd pick from Nevada Reno, he was billed as a deep threat and KR w/ outstanding speed.

Mann looked like a half-a$$er last pre-season IMO. But he showed some good route running and presence to find soft spots in the 5 or so balls I watched him catch for Fins this year.

So does Mann re-sign w/ Fins? If what he had to say a year ago about his dealings w/ ML is plausible, then maybe he does. Even if it ain't, what I saw of him this year was interesting.

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I only mentioned it because Marvin thought enough of him to draft him in the first place, so I assumed he saw something he liked. Whether subsequent ;) events had any bearing on his status in Marvin's mind...I dunno. Didn't see his name on the PS, tho, so take in FWIW...

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