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Identical match to last years preseason


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We pretty much played exactly like we did last season with the wins coming in the same weeks. This is the only game that we looked decent in and it is against the JV team. Now that preseason is over and game time is here, are we due for another 8-8? God, I hope not. We need a winning season in the worst way. It has to be time doesn't it?

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The bottom line is that tonight's game didn't tell us anything that we didn't already know, based on last year's week 17 exhibition outing against the Eagles' scrubs.

What tonight did show is that, finally, the team has stopped phucking around and started to get its act together. Whether that act is a winning one or not remains to be seen.

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Yeah, a pre-season record doesn't really give you any type of indication what the season will be like... so I'm not changing my predictions.

What I did like, was to see Carson Palmer and the offense start off strong, instead of waiting until half way through the 2nd quarter. I don't really care if it was against backups. The previous slow starts were due to dropped passes, and off target throws. That seems to be behind us... so we can start the season off ready to go at Cleveland... a bunch of guys who would be backups on the Colts. Hey... maybe this game told us more than we thought.

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