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What you drinking tonight?


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Well, being a Friday it's the weekly big drink-up for me.

The washings' been done, the dishes have been done, the ironing has been done, the kids and family have been fed and there are no packed lunches or school uniform to organise for the morning. I think I deserved a drink tonight!

Cider has been drunk, whisky is now being rapidly consumed - it's 11.00pm here and there's no way I'll last much longer before drunken oblivion takes me.

I hope everyone, whoever and wherever you are, have a great night and a good weekend. GO BENGALS!

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So, what do you want - a medal or a chest to pin it on?

I'm so glad your personal circumstances allow you follow the game, honestly I'm jealous, but unfortunately my circumstances just won't allow that. Have a great night.

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I was dabbling in some Warsteiner Dunkel once again. Wouldn't turn down a Newcastle though. Anyone else here ever drink a British beer called Old Engine Oil? Good stuff.

As far as the heavy stuff goes. I try to stay away from the straight whiskeys. You might find me tossing back the occassional shots of McMaster's but I usually have a Bloody Mary or something to chase down with the beer.

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