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2005 Season Prediction


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The BlackJesus 2005 Season Prediction

AFC East

1. * New York Jets: 11-5 (Jets D steps up big, Pennington doesn't make mistakes)

2. New England Patriots: 9-7 (Loss of Cordinators hits hard, team misses playoffs)

3. Buffalo Bills: 7-9 (D is still strong, but Losman has too many growing pains)

4. Miami Dolphins: 4-12 (New Coach, same result, the OL isn't even better than the Miami Hurricans OL)

AFC North

1. * Cincinnati Bengals: 11-5 (Lewis wins Coach of the Year, and Carson wins MVP)

2. * Baltimore Ravens: 10-6 (Ray Lewis carries Defense, and Boller has enough weapons to get 10 wins)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: 6-10 (2nd year bump for Big Ben, He loses his luster and finds reality in a tough division)

4. Cleveland Browns: 2-14 (The leagues worst team in the leagues strongest division = Failure)

AFC South

1. * Indianapolis Colts: 13-3 (Mannings Shines)

2. *Jacksonville Jaguars: 10-6 (Those dominating DT's both go to Hawaii)

3.Houston Texans: 6-10 (Carr is starting to run out of time)

4.Tennessee Titans: 3-13 (Fisher quits the job after being nudged by owership, Norm Chow takes over as Headcoach)

AFC West

1.* San Diego Chargers: 12-4 (Brees hits a bump, but Rivers doesn't lose a step)

2.Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7 (New D is better, but O is now getting old)

3.Oakland Raiders: 7-9 (Randy wins a few games by himself, but not enough)

4.Denver Broncos: 5-11 (This teams roster reads like a retiring circus, Shanahans days are #ed)

NFC East

1.* Philadelphia Eagles: 12-4 (No T.O. No Problem)

2.Washington Redskins: 8-8 (Gibbs hangs it up after missing playoffs)

3.Dallas Cowboys: 8-8 (Parcells becomes emotionally drained and walks away)

4.New York Giants: 5-11 (Eli doesn't fair any better in year 2)

NFC North

1.* Minnesota Vikings: 13-3 (NFL's most dominant Team)

2.* Detroit Lions: 10-6 (Joey hits the pine, but "Garthia" leads them to 10 wins)

3.Green Bay Packers: 8-8 (Favre is ready to walk)

4.Chicago Bears: 4-12 (Lovie you have no QB)

NFC South

1. * Atlanta Falcons: 11-5 (Ron Mexico carries the squad)

2.* Carolina Panthers: 10-6 (Team doesn't have to dig out of hole like last year)

3.New Orleans Saints: 7-9 (Haslett you're fired)

4.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11 (Gruden makes a ot of Chuckie faces)

NFC West

1.* Arizona Cardinals: 12-4 (Denny Green has team hitting on all cylinders)

2.Seattle Seahawks: 9-7 (Holmgren has no D)

3.St. Louis Rams: 8-8 (Martz gets shown the door)

4.San Francisco 49ers: 3-13 (Nolan needs a suit for his open casket)

Totals making it mathematically accurate:

256 Wins 256 Loses

Coaches who retire or are fired

(Gibbs, Parcells, Fisher, Martz, Haslett)

Playoffs (Round 1)

Bengals 31 Ravens 28

(Carson stuns the Ravens in the 4th Q again at PBS)

Jets 13 Jaguars 12

Panthers 24 Falcons 21

Cardinals 42 Lions 35

Playoffs (Round 2)

Bengals 27 Chargers 24

(Bengals go into SD and go up 27-7 at halftime and then stage off a 4th Q comeback)

Colts 49 Jets 21

Vikings 20 Panthers 14

Cardinals 16 Eagles 13

AFC Championship

Bengals 38 Colts 35 (OT)

(Game of a lifetime, Bengals get an INT in Overtime as the Colts drive for the win and Shayne takes us to Detroit)

NFC Championship

Vikings 16 Cardinals 7


Bengals 31

Vikings 21

The Nati rejoices with Glory --- Marvin is the Messiah

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You willing to put money on Arizona going to the playoffs, because I could use some free cash.... No way in hell Arizona gets more than 9 total wins.

I agree with the layout (yeah, homer-itus has struck!) except the Bengals defeat Arizona in the Super Bowl!

Let's call it a "stupid quarter bet" that Arizona gets more than 9 victories! ;)

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I like the AFC, but no way the Pats and Steelers drop off that much. And I have no doubt that the Vikings will not be that good.

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I have no doubt that the Vikings will not be that good.

I agree! I have no idea what the big deal with the Vikings is supposed to be. They have an at best average coach (probably closer to mediocre), and they are without Moss. Granted, he was a cancer, but he still produced. Look at Culpepper's numbers when Moss was out last year. Now they are counting Burleson, Travis Taylor, and a rookie (very VERY few WR's produce good #'s in their rookie year)

Their defense will be improved, but they were awful last year, and a lot of their improvements are going to come from rookies, who will take time. There is no way they will win 13 games... I'd be surprized if they win 10, since they are hurting at RB (according to their own head coach), and they don't have any big playmakers for Culpepper to get the ball to.

Even if their defense is great (and I don't think it will be), their offense will sputter, and you don't win 13 games that way... ask the Ravens.

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