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Bramlet Stars in Bunglefest


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This sounds like one they ought to replay on Comedy Central:


some highlights...:lol:

...The error-ridden contest saw both teams combine to throw a league record 10 interceptions, beating the previous mark of seven set in four other games over the years.

Kittner threw 4 interceptions, while Sea Devils passer Casey Bramlet (Cincinnati Bengals) was also picked 4 times before being replaced...

...The Sea Devils looked more settled at the beginning of their next drive as Bramlet connected twice with wide receiver Chris Collins (Pittsburgh Steelers) for 22 yards. Bramlet then appeared to throw his third interception of the first half when he was picked in the end zone by a diving Derrick Ballard, only for the Admirals linebacker to be flagged for pass interference against tight end Bobby Blizzard (Arizona Cardinals).

Three plays later – on third and goal from the 1-yard line – Bramlet dived over the defensive line on a quarterback sneak, fumbled, caught the ball in mid-air and fell into the end zone for a hard-earned touchdown to bring Hamburg to within seven...

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I've only seen bits and pieces of that game so I can't comment much on his play. In fact, due to poor timing on my end I found that whenever I stopped infront of the TV when Hamburg had the ball Ryan Dinwiddie was under center. That includes a wierd but successful 2-point conversion that tied the score late. The play itself was pretty basic, but I've never seen a critical play where everyone on the field seemed to be running at LESS than half speed, offense and defense alike.

Back to Bramlet and the turnover fest, I heard the announcers state that Hamburg was missing it's top two wideouts so maybe that had something to do with the poor outing.

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And some people want us to trade Kitna so he can be our "reliable" backup...

Uh, yeah. Clearly Bramlet sucks because of one bad game in Europe.


Kitna has one more year here at the price he is getting, and then he re-signs for minimum or moves on. Bramlet's development is important to the team's future. Depth at QB is huge...and a tradeable commodity.

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Bramlet stunk it up big time in the last one. 3 of those picks were horrendous throws. It's proly good that he doesn't throw the ball away in accordance with the NFLE's no intentional grounding rule, but the picks he threw were extremely poor throws with equally bad judgment behind them.

The game before that wasn't great for Bramlet either. Lots of 3 step drops and short game execution but still too many forced throws and picks and not enough distance on the Hail Mary at the end of the game (only 50 yds).

Bramlet still looks good at QB, though. I'd rather not see CP out of games unless it's mop up time, but if it happens again, either Kitna or Bramlet can handle the job this year well enough to at least make the games competitive.

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