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Vote Now! New People=New Defense?

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The Bengals don't have the d-line personnel for a 3-4 that often, Smith, Geathers and Clemons are 4-3 ends and would be wasted, I doubt they're going to do that.

The reason they drafted 2 LB's is to REPLACE the weak and questionable ones they have.

A big reason they were 26th vs. run was because of poor LB play. I can't imagine they'll be able to keep both Landon Johnson and Thurman off the field for long, if Simmons doesn't step up and Pollack works out right away. Who knows.

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dude we aint gonna run 3-4 more than 4-3. id say 3-4 mb 15% of the time?

Yeah, yeah. I agree that's the most likely and reasonable way to go too.


And to think...here is both jditty and myself agreeing to being reasonable at the same time!?! And on a Saturday night!?! That's it! We'll never be considered "cool" ever again!! :lol::rolleyes:

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