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Meet your New 3-4 Defense


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I expect the 3-4 to only be used situationally, I don't really think 5 out of 11 starters should have 1 year of experience or less. I expect Pollack to go at OLB if he can make the transition quickly enough, but I expect Thurman to backup Landon in the middle. 4-3 works fine with us I believe, we just need tackles and safeties who can execute tackles. I expect a lot of rotation in the linebackers, especially early in the season. I also expect there to be some rotation with the safeties, with Madieu, Herring, Keiwan, and possibly a later draft pick getting a lot of PT.

So while I disagree and think we'll stick with the 4-3 primarily, I think we have a lot of interchangable parts to our very versatile (and very young) defensive machine. In a year or two especially, this defense will be truly amazing.

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I think that what we are looking at here is a defense that is getting close to the type of versatility that has made the Patriots defense so successful. Not a ton of huge names, but guys who can do a lot of things. Thornton can play end, and Pollack will be able to line up on the end when he needs to. Robinson may not be the answer you are looking for at NT, but Askew will be when he is developed, so we still may be a year away, but we are looking at a defense that will be able to interchangebly drop back and forth from 4-3 and 3-4 with few to no substitutions. That will be the greatest strength of the defense, but its going to take some time to develop these guys because their so young.

There is also another post talking about the possibility of playing Landon Johnson at SS, which would make this team a great run stopping force a year from now. All I want this year is a defense that can get Carson and company back on the field to run up the score. If this new receiver pans out, and Perry stays healthy we could be as potent as the Colts offense by 2006. Who Dey!

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