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Merry Draftmas


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Christmas? Yeah, seems about right.

I woke up before 6AM this morning....without the alarm clock. That's not normal, especially after having stayed up late the night before.

I was in a great mood though, but that may not mean anything. Frankly, pagans like me are usually a happy bunch....probably because the decisions of the day are so simple. Wine, beer, whiskey?

Crawled out of bed knowing the Bengals were going to get several very good football players today. Maybe somebody who'll be great. And worst case scenario I know the draft provides something new for you guys to gripe about. These thoughts pleased me very much.

I fed the cat.

Thren I threw open the front door and walked to the end of my driveway to get the morning papers. The first one I opened had yet another mock draft. The Bengals had selected Marcus Spears. I wondered if it might be a sign from.....well I'm not sure where a sign like that might be from.

But again, I'm in a great mood.

Oh yeah, I'm thinking Newcastle.

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Here's hoping everyone gets the player they want......... wait........ we would need about 12 or so first round picks for that to happen :D:P:lol:

Hey...if Marvin starts his wacko :wacko: "Wheelin' & Dealin'," and gets on a roll, he might come close! :rolleyes:

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