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Maurice Clarett

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Are the Bengals interested in him? With Rudi and Perry I wouldn't think, but this made me wonder;

"Bengals running backs coach Jim Anderson led the bulk of the agility drills, and, according to witnesses, worked Clarett tirelessly to see if he would quit. At the combine, Clarett walked off the field after his poor 40 time, which left a poor impression on team personnel. Clarett finished all of Anderson's drills Thursday."


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Based on the Dayton Daily News article, Jim Anderson "took charge" of the testing for Mo -- mainly, I believe because he wasn't satisfied with how tests was being run or how Clarett was doing some of the drills.

Anderson is reported to having said, "if you aren't going to do the drills correctly, we are leaving."

Reading between the lines -- I got the impression that Anderson was not overly happy with Clarett's attitude -- let alone his skills.

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from waht I read about it papaww, they were testing him to see if he'd pout or quit.  I guess Anderson ran him real hard in the drills

I had the same feeling that Anderson was trying to push Clarett to see how well Mo handled the pushing.

I found the comment by Clarett interesting --" The coach from Cincinnati was on me. He was giving me like 15 seconds between everything."

Doesn't sound to me like Mo liked the pressure he was being put under.

I still believe that Mo needs more maturity -- and reality check.

He is no longer the "wonder boy" at OSU. He's now trying to play with the big boys and needs to be able to take criticism and correction with more maturity -- and show an attitude that he is willing do what's needed for him to be a better player. B)

If the Bengals draft him, I hope it not until the 6th or 7th round.

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The Bengals' continued interest in him is peculiar, it's not as if they're just going through the motions with him, but Lewis has commented on him at the combines and Anderson is obviously taking a long, hard look at him also.

My guess is Marvin/Anderson thinks they can turn him around, even if he's a practice squad candidate like Rudi was for a while. And the concern with Perry probably has them looking for the best bang for their buck in the mid-later rounds when they might look at a RB if he's high enough on their board.

I question Clarrett's durability just as much as his attitude.

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I think the only reason Anderson ran his drills are because he wants Clarett to shed his "quitter" image and show that he can play. I think Hobson mentioned how this doesn't mean that the Bengals are interested, but rather, Clarett trusted Anderson to push him in the workouts, which he did. By pushing Mo, Anderson showed to the teams scouting Clarett that he can play in the NFL someday....but this doesn't necessarily mean that the Bengals are interested.

However, I wouldn't be disappointed if Marvin drafted him in the 6th or 7th....Clarett's attitude CAN be changed and Marvin would be the guy that can do that.

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