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TE Alex Smith is dropping

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From GBN Report:

STANFORD (March 24th) senior tight end ALEX SMITH ran between 4.86 and 4.92 in the 40... weighs 6036, 257 pounds... 34 1/4" arms... 10" hands... has been fully cleared from a knee sprain he suffered at the Senior Bowl...

Not so good.....

Yeesh. That time is practically Maurice Clarett-esque...

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we should look for kevin everett in the later rounds

from nfl.com


Positives: Has a big frame with good overall muscle development, long, thick arms, with broad shoulders, thick chest, good bubble and thick calves … Shows enough lateral range to avoid the jam and get upfield, possessing the quickness to easily get off the line of scrimmage … Can either power through the jam or use his swim move to escape … Can sink his hips and separate coming out of his breaks, doing a decent job of finding the soft spot to settle when working in the zone … Creates a nice underneath target, especially with his ability to separate and adjust through his routes … Has the arm length and ability to extend for the ball away from the body's frame … Has the speed to run under passes downfield, showing the body control to adjust and position in order to make the catch … Better when blocking on the move than from a stationary position, as he shows alertness picking up linebackers in the open field.

Negatives: Plays with adequate alertness, but needs time to digest plays … Plays with good effort, but you'd like to see more aggression in his play, especially as a blocker … He is a good open field blocker, but his in-line blocking technique is a question mark … He leaves his feet too often and really needs to develop lower body strength, as he reaches with his hands, loses position and gets over-extended … Better on underneath routes, as he does not have the speed of a Jeremy Shockey for a vertical attack and does not get into position well in order to quickly turn upfield after the catch … Runs only adequate pass routes, as he tends to round his cuts and take soft angles to the ball … He is a big target in the middle and will compete for the ball, but can also lose concentration when he hears an oncoming defender, resulting in several drops … Not as active with his hands as he needs to be in order to sustain blocks and does not move his feet well, keeping his base too narrow when blocking on the edge … His weight loss during the 2004 season (251 before the year began, 240 after) is a concern, as he needs the additional bulk and strength in order to be effective as a blocker … He struggles to get a good push off the line in running situations due to marginal leg strength … Must do a better job of reading coverages and maintaining a relationship with the quarterback, as he fails to work his way back when the passer is in trouble.


2004: Missed the Peach Bowl vs. Florida, the Senior Bowl and could not participate in the agility tests at the combine after he separated his left shoulder in the third quarter of the regular season finale vs. Virginia Tech (12/04).


CAMPUS: 4.79 in the 40-yard dash … 32 7/8-inch arm length … 9½-inch hands.

A lot of Negatives, but good positives. He would be a project, but he will be a decent player.

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Not interested in Kevin Everett at all. Heath Miller is no Todd Heap or Gonzalez either. Alex Smith looked kinda intriguing and still may end up a Bengal, but hopefully he has more game than his '40 time.

Everett though, he was a let down at Miami FLA. I know it's hard to take over where a great player left off, but some guys answer the challenge, and other guys, just show up for the gatorade. I hope in time, Everett gets tired of taking plays off and becomes a consistent player, but until that time comes, I'll pass.

Other Options to consider ..

Adam Bergen TE, Lehigh

Garrett Cross TE, California.

Victor Sesay TE, Missouri. - I like this kid, not special in any format of the game, but is really consistent and has ability to sit in zones and make people miss after the catch.

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yea you have a good point, if we got an extra 7th choice i would pick everett. But he sould be looked at. Alex Smith will be a great TE in the NFL. He might not be fast but he can catch and block and thats what you need in a TE. Not all TE's are super fast, that is usally rare for them.

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I don't think any of these guys would be an upgrade over what we have anyway, even Miller! Unless we can get a guy like Matt Jones(and he can't step in right away so forget him) that has the kind of playmaking ability to line up in the slot or on the line, then I way draft something else and work on commitee. If Perry(please don't turn this into a Perry/Rudi thread ;) ) becomes the pass catching threat tht he is supposed to be, we wont have to worry about a great tight end.

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I don't think any of these guys would be an upgrade over what we have anyway, even Miller!

I ain't buying that. Jeff Thomasson would've been an upgrade over Reggie Kelly and Tony Stewart. And so would some undrafted rookies.

The Bengals did work out Jones but he offers nowhere near the complete TE package for blocking and receiving that Smith does.

Still, haven't heard any signs that Bengals are interested in Smith. The only one I've heard them work out is Brandon Jacobs who would single-handedly provide a 3rd and short rush RB, fullback, and all-downs TE if he can make the transition from RB to TE.

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I ain't buying that.

I think der Boomer overplayed that hand, but I will agree with him to a point. The Bengals could pass on every TE in this draft and I wouldn't complain. Granted, it's a position that all of us would like to see upgraded, but it's not a bleeding wound that demands attention.

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