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Bengals All-Time Team CENTER


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Bob Johnson was the best center to ever wear a Bengal uniform.. He was the first player Paul Brown drafted...I believe his number is retired along with Munoz..

The team has had some decent centers but Johnson was head and shoulders above the rest of them....

Total Agree ...

I still remember how excited my friends and I were when the Bengals drafted him.

I believe that he was a Pro Bowler in his rookie year ...

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Blair Bush didn't do it very long, maybe 4 years. Only until Rimington was drafted, then he was traded. I think honestly there are only 3 that merit votes: Bob Johnson (who I never saw play, I hear stories, he was first Bengal drafted, blah blah blah), Bruce Kozerski (took the job over when Rimington held out, played so well, Big Dave never his job back with the stripers), and Rich Braham. Two others Bush and Rimington may deserve to make the list, but not any votes as neither of them are top 3 IMO.

For the record, Muñoz's number is not retired. Only Bob Johnson's. The NFL discourages it because there are only so many numbers to go around and they don't want O-linemen to end up having to wear #49 or some s**t.

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