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Rudi Signed Long Term Deal


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im fine with that deal's price but man he better get better than this year. god damnit though i cant believe it. im disappointed at this time...mb ill change my mind but right now im very disappointed. i cant believe we spent that on him. we shoulda sat on the 1 yr and see if perry can take over or not. wtf happens now if perry is better than rudi? if he is, not only does rudi's value go down, but were stuck with him so that means perry goes even if hes better cuz on the market, he'll be worth much much more. God for the bengals sake i hope rudi f**kin breaks out and balls.

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He's a big man to take less money than Jordan when he could have held out for more. I'm pleased by this :player:


The market is what it is jd. I wanted him back for less than what he got too, but the effin Raiders screwed the market.

That they got him for a little less than Jordan's crazy contract is a win for the Bengals, and Rudi gets rich.

There is a LOT to be said for continuity at the key positions. They have that now. TJ's quote from the .com article could not be more on point....it IS all on the players now. There can be no more complaints or excuses left for them. The front office has stepped up, the coaching has never been better, the facilities are top notch, players are getting paid, now it's time for them to go earn it.

Despite being on the Rudi-is-too-expensive side of the discussion, I could not be happier this morning.

Can't wait for the draft and mini-camps now.

The grand slam would be if they would go ahead and release Hardy and find some way to get Sharper or Hartwell here.

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I'll second everything you just said, Mem. I too thought that the market was a bit high for Rudi, but the market is the market. Continuity is important especially when we don't know about CP. And it appears from Clayton's article that the cap hits are "Bengal like" in that they don't push a hit into the future. This makes it easier to not have to cut him for cap reasons and also easier to trade him if Perry proves himself worthy.

And wouldn't it be nice to see JS or EH walk through the door next!!

A great big WHO DEY to the Bengals today!!

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I think it is great that a great character guy get's the rewards that some of these scumbags get. The downside is that we have too much invested into the running back position, but if you think about it with 3 games where he was 5 yards or less from a 100 he would have had 8 100 yard games. He's a stud and I like him alot.

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RUDI F'ING JOHNSON :player: :player: :player: :player:

I'm pleased by the deal, I'm glad that Rudi got what he wanted, and I'm extremely glad that Rudi is going to be a Bengal for a pretty fair amount of time.

If this draft goes well, and knowing Marvin it should, then we will win the AFC North this year. I was hoping to get home from work and find this post, and I'm ecstatic.

This is the best time to be a Bengals fan...I've waited a long, long time to feel like this.

WHO MF'IN DEY :player:

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I was wondering if I would see this news when I turned my computer on this morning...

Looks like it'll save us roughly a million dollars on this year's cap, right?

Yeah this is good news. Continuity on offense should be a good thing this year.

Cap relief wise, it looks like the Rudi deal frees up somewhere closer to $2 mill.

If the $12 mill guaranteed is all SB, it should be $2.4 mill per over 5 yrs.

The reports have a $4.8 mill hit in the last year so you got to figure the salary there is $2.4 mill.

So the salary structure should go something like:

2005 $2

2006 $2.6

2007 $3

2008 $4

2009 $2.4

That would hit the $16 mill over 1st 3 yrs as reported by Clayton.

And it should translate into between $1.5 and $1.9 mill in cap relief this year, enough to re-sign Braham if that's the plan.

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Great news! And a great deal, if the reports are accurate. Bengals get a proven starter with 2,500 yards under his belt over two seasons for less than Oakland paid to find out if Lamont Jordan is the real deal. Props to the Bengals for ponying up a solid deal and to Rudi for recognizing a good thing when he saw it.

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What makes me happier about Rudi re-signing is that our FA period has gone from disappointing to pretty damn good in the span of a few days.

Now we have our starting RB and #2 WR locked up for a few years and a solid DT locked up for 3, and the draft coming in just over a month. Happiness, thy name is Marvin. :player:

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As always.... All Bengals fans should just say it..... They don't like the move the bengals make or they don't like the face the bengals didn't go after a player... juust say to your self.... In Marvin We Trust.

Mr. Marvin Lewis is my HERO!!!!!!!!

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